1973 Rickman Triumph Trident

What do you get when you cross the best frame available, with the largest engine produced by a manufacture at its peak, just before they fall into the abyss? You get this Rickman frames Triumph Trident, the merger of a frame specialist and 3 cylinders of Triumph power. Too bad you will likely be limited to the track.

In 1968 Triumph took the next step and added a third cylinder to there long lasting parallel twin. What had started out in 1962 with Bert Hopwood and Doug Hele designing a triple for Triumph. What they got was 741cc of British power that generated 60hp at 7250rpm. This Trident has the V at the end of the T150, and that means it has an extra gear in the transmission, and from the factory was good enough for a top speed of 105mph.

From the seller

Rickman Triumph T150V race bike.  41mm Rickman forks, Quaife 5 speed close ratio, Smiths race tach.  Bike purchased in early 70’s from BSA Canada by current owner.  It was campaigned by BSA Canada late 60’s- early 70’s, it has been in the current owners collection since.  Bike was raced with a BSA 3 cyl engine, and purchased complete, The race engine was tired, so the lightened balanced crank, lightened timing gears, and Quaife 5 speed close ratio gear box from the race engine was used to build the T150 engine in it now with all new bearings and seals.  Big D built the head, and ported it for the 28mm carbs.  It’s running standard bore pistons, and Jack at Big D suggested stock cams for durability, so that’s what went in.  Big D exhaust header, and the BSA megaphone.  Big D ran the engine on the bench, and it was installed in the bike in 1984, the bike was never finished, or run again until now!  Was properly stored, and looked after.  New electrics just installed (Podtronics, Boyer, 6V coils, small battery).  It still has an alternator, so could be set up with lights and put on the street.  Comes with clear title in owners name as a 1973 Triumph T150V, and receipts for work done at Big D in 1984.  Currently has a kickstart shaft, and lever installed, but comes with blanking plug for kickstart shaft removal.  Bike always starts 1 or 2 kicks, pulls like a freight train, and shifts perfectly.  About 1 hour run time on engine.

The seller drops some very important names in their description. Quaife is the preferred transmission if you are going to go racing. Big D Cycles is a Texas based British expert. They have been selling Triumphs and other British marquis for many many years, and are and excellent source if you wish to race those same British bikes.


More from the seller

The frame is a Rickman road race frame from the late 60’s, when the bike was originally built.  It had no frame #’s when purchased from BSA Canada in the early 70’s.  Being a race bike it only came with a bill of sale, as it was not intended for the street.  Although it does come with a clear title to the engine.  I’ve had the bike well over 100mph, and it is solid as a rock, really a confidence inspiring frame.  The bike has always been a race bike, and has never been on the street.

The Rickman brothers, Derek and Don, were believers in a better frame. They started in the 1960’s and continued on into the 1970’s with Japanese engines. What they were able to do was take the power of the engine, and insure that it was transferred to the road, or off road in some cases. The main way to get a Rickman was in the form of a kit. You provide the complete original motorcycle, take everything off the old frame, and bolt it to your new Rickman frame.

This Triumph Trident is great combination from Triumph and Rickman. The largest engine offered right before the fall, with a specialty frame to insure the best handling. Add in some work by a respected dealer. Now all it takes is your money. BB

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