1974 Laverda SF-2


With and engine inspired by the Japanese, the electrics supported by the Germans, and the styling by the Italians, how could this 1974 Laverda SF-2 offered up on eBay now, not be considered the best classic sports bike of its time?

The seller tells the story of their ownership

For Sale:1974 Laverda SF 2.  My bike since 2003, when I bought it with 12,700 original miles.  I believe I am the 3rd owner.  This bike was originally purchased in Washington State.  I rode the bike for 5 years, to 2008 while adding 3k miles or so before deciding to give it a cosmetic and light mechanical restoration.  The bike had heavily oxidized aluminum and chrome, light scratches on the paint and years of tire iron marks on the Borranis.  But, no crashes or tip overs to speak of.  In other words, I started with a very stock and good running bike. Please see the pictures of me with the bike at the bottom, this is the original condition of the bike before the restoration;  as you can see, the bike was in completely stock from new condition.  I decided to maintain the original appearance but with a slightly more sporty appearance;  body colored fenders being the biggest change.

When the bike left the factory in 1974 it would have produced 64hp at 7000rpm from the 744cc parallel twin. Two PHF Dell’Ortos would send gas to be detonated and with the 5 speed transmission the rider could see north of 110mph. Not to shabby. But by 1975 a single over head cam with single intake and exhaust valve, would have been considered old news. Multiple cams and multiple valves were starting to creep in, and the price point of the Laverda at the time would have effected sales, and this may be a factor in the limited numbers of Laverda that you see today. The seller claims originally sold in Washington, if anyone has info on the dealer I would be interested as I live in Seattle.

More from the seller

…. all the seals and gaskets in the motor.  The carbs have been rebuilt as well as the Brembo F08’s.  Mostly new cables and new Conti TKV tires (modern tire with period looking block, tread pattern) with less than 400 miles.  I refurbished the gauges, they were sun bleached and now look great.  I rebuilt the front Ceriani forks with fresh oil, seals and progressive springs.  I mounted new Works aluminum rear shocks (with Ceriani decals, sorry).

Laverda are Italian and deserve reverence as an Italian sports bike. But I don’t know if they get the same level as a similar vintage Ducati gets. Is that a bad thing? It depends on if you are looking for an investment or a great bike to ride. This seller rides the bike (and points you to a google search which shows them riding the bike) and you can too if you want to bid to win. BB.

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