1974 Laverda SF2 for Sale

Laverda SF2’s have featured on this site as often as I can find them to post.  I love Laverda’s in general: characterful and rare, beautiful, but somehow brutal.  The 750 parallel twin was a development of the earlier 650, a natural progression in the displacement arms-race of the 60’s and 70’s biking scene.  They never developed quite the same name recognition as Ducati or Moto Guzzi, but are easily in the same league in terms of looks, performance, and handling.

The original eBay listing can be found here: 1974 Laverda SF2 for Sale

This bike is especially noteworthy because it was tuned by Lance Weil, famous Laverda Tuner and former proprietor of Rickey Racer, a California based Laverda tuning shop.  Lance was considered the premier Laverda guru, up until his death in a bizarre shop accident in 2006.

From the original ad:

When I got it, it was already set up with the Ricky Racer (made by Lance Weil, if any of you remember him) 2 into 1 exhaust. Some minor jetting was done (increased the pilot jet size slightly) to accommodate the increased flow. The ignition is stock. I did not get the turn signals with the machine. I installed the 5-way bars, got really used to them on my Laverda triple. I do have the stock foot switch gear, which is included in the sale. I also have the original seat, which was a 2-up, also included. The pan of the 2-up seat is in good shape but the foam is really deteriorated. The cover is not too bad.

The engine overall runs well. It does not leak oil nor does it smoke it. There is some slight weeping around the head but that seems to be normal. The engine has not been apart since new. I did replace the transmission output seal. The biggest problem I have had with the bike over the years has been that the fuel lines eventually perish and crack- easy enough to sort out (right now its fine). It has needed carb rebuild kits (gaskets and washers) in the carbs every now and then, which if you know Dell’Ortos, is quite normal. It got a new chain a few years back. There are stainless brake lines on the front brakes. The rear brake (four shoe drum) works really well. I installed Works gas shocks on the rear. The front fork is stock but there is a fork brace I installed. The lighting works fine and the generator has been fine too.

This bike is well-used, but looks to have a great history and is presented fairly.  I prefer my Laverdas orange, but the custom paint is appropriate and subtle.  The Buy It Now price is $9,800 which is on the high side, but not unreasonable, considering the one-of-a-kind exhaust and history.


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