1974 Laverda SFC/750 Completely Restored For Sale on eBay


This is my first official post on Classic Sport Bikes For Sale and it will serve as a test to get the blog put together. The listing for this Laverda is real though, so feel free to check it out!

1974 Laverda SFC/750 Completely Restored For Sale on eBay

quote from seller’s listing:

This vintage racing bike originates from Breganze, Italy and I have owned it since 1974. I am the original owner and have the original clear Ohio title.
All serial numbers match. It runs on 101 octane LEADED fuel. This machine is in EXCELLENT condition.

It is a 750 twin road racer. Dual disc brakes in the front and single disc in the rear.

There were only 549 of these made over a 6-year period and only 222 in 1974.

It was completely restored in 2006. It presently has 8213 total miles and 243 since the restoration.
It has been parked in my heated & A/C garage for 20 years.

This restoration took a year and a half and we started with the bare frame.

The frame and 14 misc. parts were powder coated. Fiberglass fuel cell was coated on the inside to protect it from the new gasoline.
It has the original gel coat on the outside w/new seals in the petcocks. Tailpiece and fearing have been repainted.
Installed new carbon fiber seat cover.

Updated to electronic ignition. Complete lapped in valve job. (original valves) Rebuilt both Dellorto carburetors.

Rims were made by Borrani, who make rims for Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Ferrari.
New polished stainless steel spokes.
New Bridgestone, Spitfire tires & tubes, trued and balanced.
All new wheel and fork bearings.
New handle grips, and control cables.
Braided brake lines installed.
Rebuilt brake calipers, installed new pads.

I love the look of this motorcycle. Great color, cool logos, and a stunning restoration!


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6 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    What a great looking motorcycle!


  2. Ah.. It is looking cool. But I feel orange color make it little weired. I want it in black or blue.. Red can also be there. Cool bike!!

  3. Pat Edwards says:

    Is this bike still for sale?

  4. ricardo esteban esteban says:

    Hola! no se si llego tarde como casi siempre,sigue en venta y cuanto ,agradeceria respuesta gracias

  5. Dan Crouch says:

    Lo sentimos, no representan a esta moto y sólo vinculados a la lista. No tengo más información. Pido disculpas, pero gracias por leer nuestro sitio.


  6. Steve Lang says:

    These were great bikes and the motor was very simaler to the early Honda twins and were pretty indistructable. The Late lance Weil (Ricky Racer) raced these in the 70’s and they were great endurance and sprint bikes. They also sounded great and really meant business when they were blasting down the ultra long straitaway at Ontario Motor Speedway and Willow Springs. The Orange was a great color and you could pick it out anywhere on the racetrack. Ultimate retro bike!