1974 Moto Morini 3 ½ Sport

I don’t want to stereotype the Italians, but they do have a long history of making nice, sporty, small displacement motorcycles in Red. This Moto Morini offered on eBay now is no acceptation, and even though it is one of the early ones with drum brakes, you will not go wrong bidding on it.

Moto Morini started making motorcycles in 1937 but got lost in the Italian motorcycle industry shuffle in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s. First Cagiva, then Texas Pacific, and then Ducati all owned the name until final production. The Sport was one of its most well known models, and this bike is very well presented.

From the seller

This is the nicest Moto Morini 3 1/2 Brake Sport you will ever see. It is an authentic Drum Brake Sport, as you can see by the large front drum brake and “S” engraved at the base of the front cylinder.

  • Bike had a down-to-frame restoration 15 years ago: frame powder coated; forks rebuilt and bike rewired.
  • Engine received the “375” over bore kit on rebuild approximately 4,000 miles ago.
  • Timing belts changed and new valves and springs installed.
  • New head and wheel bearings.
  • Wheels (Borranis) were polished and re-spoked with stainless spokes.
  • All new cables and all alloy polished.
  • NLM kick-start lever installed
  • Ignition re-wired and NLM ignition pick-up installed to replace the unreliable Ducati Electronica item
  • Carbs (Dellotto VHB) were rebuilt and tuned
  • Forks re-built and have NLM progressive rate springs
  • Electronic instrument lights and taillight converted to LEDs

The engine is 344cc 72 degree v-twin that produced 39hp at 8500rpm and had a top speed of 108mph. The “exotic” design was not the small v-twin, but the flat Heron cylinder heads, where the combustion chamber was carved into the piston. By 1975 Moto Morini offered a bored and stroked 500cc v-twin based on the popular 3 ½.

More from the seller

The bike starts on the first or second kick reliably, has great compression and runs perfectly. Everything works as it is supposed to and you will find this is truly a “turn-key” bike. It is in outstanding cosmetic condition and looks brand new. Included is a box of spare parts and a cafe headlight fairing (see pictures) painted to match tank and side covers. There are absolutely NO mechanical issues with this bike and it is in fantastic condition throughout.

A lot of people think that a motorcycle under 650cc is for a child. People think that bigger is better, more is good, go big or go home. (This is true in more then just motorcycles) But I think that anyone who really enjoys motorcycling would get the same kick out of a 344cc Moto Morini as a 900cc Super Sport. It would just cost them a lot less, and would likely keep the number of citations in line. BB

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2 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Damn, bidding up to $10,000!

    One of my all time favorite bikes but if they start getting up to this price range looks like I’ll never have one,.

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