1974 Norton Commando Interstate


The 850cc Norton Commando was the super bike of Britain. It had the engine, the frame, the racing victory’s during the 1970’s to be the wanted bike of the decade. To bad that Norton as Norton never made it out of the decade. This Interstate styled Commando listed on eBay is a nice example of the decade, an example that has not apparently been “restored”, and not chained to originality.

From the seller

If you want an awesome, rare and great running vintage British bike this is it.  It runs great and pulls hard.  Here are the details; it is a 1974 Norton Commando Interstate 850cc with a STEEL gas tank.  It has the upgrades that make it reliable and run like a scalded dog!

The Command design goes back many years to the Dominator 88, but by the 1970’s both the frame and engine had evolved, improving ride comfort and engine reliability. As the Commando increased displacement from 750cc to 829cc the bottom end was redesigned to handle the increase in power. The crank, its bearings and the engine case were all strengthened. The cylinder head was the same as its 750cc brother, but the seller points out the bike has a RH10 cylinder head, which I found has less tendency to crack at the valve guides, and a little more “meat” to play with when doing port work.

More from the seller.

It has the RH10 high performance head, Mikuni carburetor and new spark plugs wires. The tank is steel, professionally painted by a British Restoration Shop to original specifications. The pictures make it look the paint is scratched but it is not.  New modern tires recently added and the wheel bearings replaced if needed and all packed with grease.   The exhaust pipes and mufflers are new and so is the seat cover. It has a genuine Norton front disk brake.  The primary, transmission, engine side covers were buffed to high luster.  New taillight added, new drive chain, and chain guard. I have at about $10K invested in this bike, my loss is your gain.

From the factory you could expect 52hp at 6250rpm and a top speed of 125mph. The seller says it will go like a scalded dog,  and with $10k invested hopefully the Mukuni’s are not the only performance upgrade. The Interstate was given a larger fuel tank and wider/larger seat so that you could explore the Interstates of America. The dry weight topped 430lbs, so this is not the quick, light café racer. Will the next owner make that change? Or will they load it up with camping equipment and go for a trip? Take a look and see what you would do. BB

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