1974 Rickman CR750 for Sale

By the 1970’s, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers’ machines could be considered world class.  But while their engines were technological and manufacturing marvels, the black art of handling still eluded them, and this is generally attributed to less-than-stout frame designs that allowed for far too much flex and budget suspension components.

Boutique manufacturers Harris, Bimota, Egli, and Rickman all recognized the untapped potential and stepped in to create bikes that took the basic goodness of the powerful and reliable engines and wrapped them in frames that allowed the bikes to actually go around corners.

Don and Derek Rickman started out building off-road racing specials in the 50’s and 60’s, designing their own frames to fit around existing powerplants.  By the mid 1960’s, they expanded their repertoire to include road-racing machines and by the 70’s they’d begun making kits for the new Japanese multis, including Honda’s 750 four.

The kit was just a frame and bodywork: the builder needed to provide most of a 750 Honda: engine, exhaust, instruments, side covers and stands.  The distinctive, nickel-plated frames were light and strong and the bikes handled well with their upgraded suspension.

About 300 were built, and it is unknown how many came to the United States.

The original listing on eBay is not modest:

You have the opportunity to own what may be the finest restored example of this iconic machine on the planet.

This bike has undergone a complete 100% nut and bolt restoration by The Honda Doctor, Phil White. Phil’s Cycle opened their doors in 1967, and have serviced, customized and restored Honda motorcycles for 45 yrs. No time or expense was spared to make this into a beautiful museum quality bike, with the reliability of a Honda.

But the bike looks truly beautiful and, although the bidding is up to almost $10k, the reserve has still not been met.  I’ve no idea what this bike is really worth but it’s definitely a handsome machine and the Honda mechanicals mean it should be easy to keep on the road.


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2 Responses

  1. As a Certified Older Guy, this one sure pushes all the right buttons. Gorgeous!

  2. Sheila Perry says:

    I like your bikes especially the 1974 CR750 Rickman. A beauty!
    We’ve got bicycles for sale. They are beach cruiser bicycles for men, women and children. Prices are reasonable. Go see!