1974 Triumph Trident T150V

Triumph, in their dying days, may have created a motorcycle which could have saved the company. To bad they were so far down into the toilet. The Triumph Trident came out in 1968, just weeks before the CB750, and had it come out when it was first developed in the early 1960’s we may still have Triumphs produced today. This 1974 T150V Trident offered up on eBay has strayed away from stock.

From the seller.

1974 Triumph T150V Trident Cafe Racer. Special body made by Tracy Fiberglass Fabricator Works, Tracy, CA, for Jack Wilson, Big D Cycle, Dallas, TX. There are zero miles on this Bike since the installation of a Norman Hyde 867cc Big Bore Kit; forged Pistons; Engine balanced; ported Head; Megacycle 1100 Cams; and, Boyer electronic Ignition. Other includes new Hyde dual front Disc Brakes; new Master Brake Cylinder; Marzocchi Shocks; special stainless steel 3 into 1 Exhaust; gold anodized Sun Rims; stainless steel Spokes; recently painted “Rob North” colors; Gas Tank resealed; new Gustafsson Plastics Wind Screen; Carburetors rebuilt; and Motor tuned.

Like I had said, and the seller points out, this Trident has moved on from the factory specification. When the Trident rolled down the roads of Small Heath, it would offer 60hp at 7250rpm, and with the V after the T150, lets you know there are 5 forward speeds to reach the original top speed of 105mph. With the Big Bore Kit, worked on internals and body work, I would not be surprised if the top speed has been increased significantly.

The Seller gives props to the body work, and I would not be surprised if some of the inspiration came from the Craig Vetter designed Trident X75. First brought onto the project in 1969, Vetter molded a body for the relatively new Trident which was hoped to attracted American Custom Bike enthusiast. The Rob North Blue body work on this Trident lean more towards a race body then a custom one, but there are noticeable similarities.

When the term Super Bike comes into the conversation, there are those English Enthusiast who will point to the Trident. With its third cylinder after so many years of twins, Triumph attempted to increase sales with increased displacement. To bad the Japanese took it one cylinder further just weeks later. This T150V Trident offered up on eBay was put together by someone in that English Enthusiast group, who wanted to take what Triumph started with and took it further. BB


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    Sorry that rear body work is not working for me, too bulbous