1975 BMW R90/6 Cafe Racer for Sale

Until recently, there weren’t too many BMW’s one might think of as “sportbikes”: a period review said that the R90/6 roadster had “the power delivery of a steam engine and the longevity of a locomotive.”  Sporting a longitudinally-mounted, horizontally opposed twin and shaft drive, the bikes have a strong touring character.

So not exactly lithe and sexy.

But the dorky Bavarian twins have somehow found a place in today’s hipster-nerd biking culture as the quirkier, more sensible and responsible alternative to buying a Moto Guzzi.  And since some of the more common models are still relatively affordable, the custom and café-racer scene has taken a shine to them.

This particular example sports a very desirable R90S dual-disc front end to cure braking that was fairly unimpressive even when the bike was new and some nice Dunstall-replica mufflers.  In place of the usual dash is a slick little Acewell digital unit, sort of a poor-man’s MotoGadget.

From the original eBay listing: 1975 R90/6 BMW Cafe Racer

The gas tank and front fender are original paint with lots of cool patina. There are some bumps and bruises but overall this bike has a great look.

I have been build custom BMW motorcycles, restorations and sidecars for over 20 years. I bought this bike to build something fun/cool out of because it was super original but missing some of the bigger ticket items to replace like the instruments.With hundreds of thousands of miles on BMW Airheads and have never ridden an R90 that was this fast.

I have done my best to explain this bike but it is a used bike that is 37 years old and was not a restoration. If I have not mentioned something it is probably because I didn’t think of it. The rear tire has a lot of tread but is looking a little old. Ask lots of questions.

It always gives me confidence when a seller encourages me to bug him and ask about what’s being offered.  It’s also pretty cool when they post a nice video clip.  I keep thinking it might be pretty cool to pick something like this up: it’s not real fast, but it looks like fun.


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