1975 BMW R90S

I can’t tell if this seller is someone who doesn’t love their motorcycle, or one who loves it too much to sell it. If I was the owner of this 1975 BMW R90S I would tell you a lot more about the bike in general, and mine specifically. This seller gives very little information on either count, with only four pictures.

 From the seller

1975 R90s completely rebuilt with less then 200 miles on it, paint done by the Wark Shop and is 100% correct…motorcycle is for sale locally…call Bill @ 312 415-2785 with any questions

$500 deposit at auction close, balance in 7 days.

Buyer responsible for vehicle pick-up or shipping.

If it were my bike I would tell you that the BMW R90S was offered first in 1973  until 1976 when it won the AMA Superbike title with Reg Pridmore. I would quote the 67hp at 7000rpm. The 9.5:1 CR fed by a pair of 38mm Dellorto PHM carburetors’ giving you a top speed of 124mph. I would tell you that this particular color is not Daytona Orange as BMW wanted you to call it, but Sunkist Orange. I would go into detail about how I came to own this bike, and what I had done during my ownership.

The seller of this 1975 R90S only gives a single sentence to describe the mechanical and cosmetic shape of the bike. But also warns us that they are also selling it locally. If I were shopping eBay for BMW R90S I would go check out this second offering. Not sure where it is at, but nice. Or even this R90S for sale. They are the best of the three in describing what they have to offer, and give lots of pictures which might hint that the orange is a little off. Good luck with any of the three. BB

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  1. For me, this is one of THE iconic sport bikes of the ’70s. The lines still make me weak at the knees all these years later. Me want.