1975 Ducati 750GT for Sale

1975 Ducati 750 GT Red R Side

It’s Thanksgiving, but here you are, poking around CSBFS. You couldn’t stay away could you? Bored with rehashing family squabbles, not interested in parades, or afraid you might miss out on your dream bike? Well, if your dream bike happens to be  a ready-to-ride Ducati 750GT in red and black, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily, you can quietly slip back into the living room after you check out the original eBay listing, since there’s still 3 days left on the auction…

1975 Ducati 750 GT Red Dash

As is typical of the era, this 1975 round-case appears to be titled the year after the less-popular square-case redesign was introduced. The Ducati 750 came in SS, Sport, and GT flavors, although it’s worth noting that only the SS came with the famous “Desmodromic” valve actuation. The GT, while the most conservatively styled of the trio, was also the most practical and comfortable of the three for everyday use, and featured higher bars with a more comfortable, dual seat. The SS and Sport both had bum-stop solo seat and clip-ons: great for looks, not so great for middle-aged backs. The kind of backs that are most likely able to afford and appreciate these classics…

1975 Ducati 750 GT Red L Engine

1975 Ducati 750GT for Sale

This bike is ridden regularly and professionally maintained.  Starts easily and runs/rides great. Very quick, handles well, and stops very quickly.
Very reliable.  No issues, no excuses. Everything works.   This bike is ready to ride and needs NOTHING.
The paint is beautiful with no dings or scratches to the bodywork. 
the black frame has some light scratches here and there.
I have receipts of about $10k for recent work on this bike, including, but not limited to…
1975 Ducati 750 GT Red Engine Detail
The seller then goes on to include a comprehensive list of updates, including a very snazzy set of Ohlins shocks that suit the bike very well, in spite of their modern look. Otherwise, the bike appears very stock, unlike the GT we featured earlier this week. That bike, though not entirely original, was very sharp.  This one is much more traditional, with more subtle paint and patina. Depending on your taste, it’s been a banner week for Ducati fans!
Enjoy your turkey.
1975 Ducati 750 GT Red L Side

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