1975 Suzuki GT750 M “Waterbuffalow”

1975 Suzuki GT750 For Sale

Hhmmmm, the sweet sound of your motorcycle on an open road doing 75mph all day. The only reason for stopping is to refuel and add oil. Wait, add oil? What’s wrong with my bike that I need to add oil? Nothing, it’s 750cc water-cooled two-stroke that was made for touring the country side. With all the talk about how fast two-strokes of the 70’s are it’s hard to imagine doing any thing with them besides races stop lights or throwing caution aside on some country back roads. The thing is there was a couple Japanese companies that thought two-stroke were for all walks of life. Going fast, beating four strokes and riding two-acoss the country like they did in Easy rider but with suspension and big comfy seats. The idea was to capture the two-stroke fans and infiltrate the four-stroke riders as well. This bikes is a very nice example of an uncommon bike developed during the awkward years of “where are we going next?” tech.

1975 Suzuki GT750 For Sale on eBay


Seller’s description.

I have owned this bike for over 20 years and I couldn’t tell you how many others have owned it before me!

It has been on many club rides, including several rides in excess of 500 miles. In the past two years there have been many upgrades including tapered steering bearings, bronze swingarm bushings, front brake rebuild, and last November the engine was completely gone through including all gaskets, a crankshaft rebuild, Piston rings, (pistons and rings about two years ago) the gear position indicator switch was replaced, an NOS gear set was sourced as well as new shift forks. New oil pump and lines flushed. O ring chain. It has an NOS gas tank. Double edge sword, it looks new, but it’s 37 years old. The front end was cleaned up last month.

It starts easy when cold, you can ride it away nearly instantly. The youtube is from this morning starting at around 6am. I said in the video it was 58 degrees, but according to Wunderground it was actually 45 degrees out.

This would be a good candidate for a restoration, or just ride it as is. The bad. It could use a thourough detail. The master cylinder cap has just developed some seeping. The right sidecover has been cut in the front, the chain guard was cut for progressive shocks which were discarded, they were just too long. the sidecovers are faded and stained. the exhaust is OK, but not the best. After it sits for a week or so it blows smoke, but the old ones always do. I beleive an oil line check valve is not seating properly and oil is slowly dripping through into the crank case. Suzuki knew this would be a problem from the start and that’s why the SRIS system, Suzuki Recirculation Injection System. If one cylinder gets oil in the crankcase it is distributed to the others. If you are marginal on two strokes, this is not for you, it spits, it drips, it’s rude and it smokes. I am in the process of restoring a sidecar rig from the 50′s and I’m just out of room. I figure I’ve had my fun and now it’s time for someone else to enjoy. This is a 37 year old bike, so if the confabulator falls off, or some things goes wrong, it’s now the object of your affection, not mine.

Pick it up, or have it shipped whole. I might be able to help you with a crate, or drop it at a shipping point. No promises on the crate, sometimes they are available at the local dealers, sometines not. International can be a real problem. If you want the bike that bad, make sure you know how to arrainge everything like Customs, hazzardous forms. I will not go find you a special crate, or some other rediculous government regulated shipping concern. I’ll just relist the bike.


I wish more sellers were like this guy. He just tells it like it is and lets the cards fall. It’s nice to see this type of description instead of some over the top “my bike is the best bike in the whole galaxy” description. Anyway. I’ve often dreamed of owning one of these and taking off on some ride covering 48 states or something.


Happy bidding and click here to see the auction.


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