1975 Suzuki RE-5 Rotary For Sale

1975 Suzuki RE-5 For Sale

Perhaps not a pure sports bike, certainly sporting in nature and enough technology for it’s day to catch any enthusiasts attention.

1975 Suzuki RE-5 Rotary For Sale on eBay

quote from the listing:

This is one of the nicest original RE-5s in the world. The Rotary engine bikes were meant to be Suzuki’s transition away from their aging 2-stroke motors. Where as Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda had all looked into develoing a rotary engine, Suzuki was the only company to actual follow through and develop one. Purchased new in 1975 by Carrol Shelbys chief mechanic (Jerry Schwarz) this bike was maintained to the utmost. Only ridden on occasion, it has always been in collector hands since. It was the 85th RE-5 off the line, and the first 32 were sold to Suzuki employees. Thast makes this one of the first sold to the public. It was taken back the the Suzuki dealer in 1980 to have the apex seal issue addressed, and a new engine was installed under warranty. The Firemist Blue paint is original and spectacular. Chrome is shiny, seat is like new with no rips, holes or seam splits. The bike runs beautifully, being totally synched and serviced. It is running on Dunlop K-70 tires. Comes with original owners manual, factory service manual and other recipts dating back to 1980. Original California pink slip still in the original owners name. This bike is NOT restored. It is totally original and in exemplary condition. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a rare unrestored motorcycle.

What an excellent collector opportunity for a bike with a very cool and documented history.

And for good measure, here is a video of an RE-5 motor being revved. Skip to about the 1:00 mark. Not the bike for sale, just one found on YouTube:

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3 Responses

  1. Christian says:

    Hi any body know where i can find contact with the sellers ? Thank for your help regards christian

  2. dresselaers says:

    j’ai achete une re 5 je trouve extraordinaire cette moto special,j’aimerais avoir de la doc pour regler la moto,et compaparateur d’angle,pour regler le carbu merci

  3. Reginald Allouche says:


    I would like to know if the bike is not already sold.

    Thank you for your answer