1975 Yamaha RD350 Cafe Racer

1975 Yamaha RD 350 Front

Yamaha’s RD350 doesn’t feature on this site very often and, in spite of it’s small displacement, the little two-stroke is most definitely a sportbike…  Chalk it up to my relative ignorance about the little smokers from this plebeian brand.

1975 Yamaha RD 350 L Rear

In spite of my frequent snark about Japanese streetbikes of this era being all motor and scary in the corners, the RD was pretty famous for being a fiend in the canyons and the scourge of club-level racing: potent brakes brought things to a halt quickly and the frame, while made of heavier tubing than the TZ racebike’s, featured the same geometry for cornering prowess on a budget.  The bike was powered by a reliable, air-cooled parallel twin and a six-speed gearbox to make the best of the relatively slim powerband and lubrication was provided by automatic oil-injection, removing the need to fuss about with premix.

1975 Yamaha RD 350 Dash

The original eBay listing doesn’t contain much information: 1975 Yamaha RD350 Cafe Racer for Sale

  • Matching Frame & Engine Numbers
  • Clear, Box “c” Az Title
  • Complete Rebuilt Engine
  • Only 665 Miles Since Rebuild 
  • Fitted With A RD400 Fuel Tank
  • White Color With Red Stripe
  • Spec 2 Pipes
  • Café TD Tail
  • Drilled Front Rotor
  • Carb Intake Crossover Tube

1975 Yamaha RD 350 L Engine

The bike is holding steady at about $3,500 with very little time left, so if you’re looking for something small and fun to rip around the canyons on, this could be your ride!


1975 Yamaha RD 350 R Rear

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