1975 Yamaha RD350


I have always been a sucker for a full fairing, ones that were not integrated in the design, but built after the bike to hide the rider from the wind. And when you put a number on it, well, I am Joey. This 1975 Yamaha is just the thing.



From the seller

Winter project got out of hand! Best of everything. Frame has been powder coated. Fresh bore on stock cylinders. Good bore on spare ported cylinders, to fast for my neighborhood. The auto injection oil system is still hooked up, so no need to mix fuel. Both sets of cylinders have been machined for bigger reed valves. Spare parts motor, good crank and gear box. MSD coils, Spec Tech R expansion chambers, the best welded cone style. Air Tech fairings, no cracks. Billet clip on bars. Rear sets are from a R-1  Yamaha. Rear wheel has a shouldered aluminum rim with Buchanan stainless spokes and nipples. Clear Title. Head light, tail light, break lights work. Runs great. New chain, aluminum sprockets, new Avon tires. Maybe 200 miles since total redo. I have way more in this bike then I am asking. need to get ready for next winter’s project



It looks like the builder of this 1975 Yamaha took care of all the right things. Making sure there are good wheels and tires under it. Making sure that it will breath out the expansion chambers the best way possible. Getting a good spark to light the fires, and making sure the fuel is getting into the combustion chamber to burn. Now the color might not be your first choice, but I have always thought, I don’t see what color bike I am riding while riding.  BB


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1 Response

  1. Shoes says:

    I like the bike but don’t get why the builder used a Kawasaki green color on a Yamaha instead of anything else which isn’t instantly identified with a brand it is not.