1976 Laverda 3CL 1000 for Sale

1976 Laverda 3CL 1000 R Side

Hey look!  Another Laverda!  Well, this one isn’t quite ready to ride, but I’ll forgive it, since it’s a manly brute of a 70’s musclebike.  When people think of three cylinder Laverdas, they often remember the brassy, tangerine bomber named after a Spanish dance.  But the Jota, while very collectable and very orange, isn’t as practical or civilized as the more pedestrian 3C.

1976 Laverda 3CL 1000 Dash

The Laverda 3C was the three cylinder follow up to the 750 SF twin featured recently.  First available in 1973, the bike displaced 981cc’s, made 80hp and ran the bike up to 130mph.  Until 1982, Laverda used a 180 degree crank in the motor, with pistons oriented “one up, two down”.  This improved performance and gave the bike a distinctive, throaty roar, but wasn’t particularly smooth.  Later motors were given a 120 degree crank and the bike had a much more civilized character as a result, but lost some of its raw edge.

1976 Laverda 3CL 1000 R Front

While the triples were not quite as reliable as the earlier twins, they were very well built and durable bikes with few problems that can’t be solved with diligent maintenance and simple updates.

This one needs a little TLC: 1976 Laverda 1000 3CL for Sale

Laverda 1000 3CL for restoration.  The bike is complete and original except for the exhaust.  There are no dents in the tank, fenders or headlight.  It shows 11,036 miles on the odometer.  I can’t guarantee that the mileage is correct, but it may well be, as the bike has been in storage for a long time. 

The motor is free and the transmission shifts through the gears.  Of course the bike will need a service or rebuild of all the major systems, as you would expect of any bike that was parked for a long time.  There is no battery installed.  I removed the brake master cylinders and calipers a few years ago and disassembled them to start the restoration process.  That was as far as I got before life got in the way.  I have loosely reassmbled and reinstalled them so that you can see that they are all there and so that they can be shipped with the bike.

The bike was titled as a 1972 by the previous owner.  This may have qualified the bike for antique status.  Based on my research the bike has to be a 1976, ’77 or ’78 as those were the only years for this version of this model.  I have the title, signed over by the previous owner, in my possession.

1976 Laverda 3CL 1000 L Engine

So a few caveat emptor bits in there but, considering that the opening bid is $5,200 and there are no takers with two days left on the auction, this might be a great opportunity for a classic bike fan with a bit of know-how.


1976 Laverda 3CL 1000 L Side

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