1976 Moto Guzzi LeMans

When I first got into Motorcycles I didn’t care for the looks of the Moto Guzzi V-twin or the shaft drive. I didn’t discount them as a well made bike, just something I didn’t think I’d want to own. Then I saw this bike and read of it’s background and I am sold. The seller is very descriptive.

1976 Moto Guzzi LeMans MK1 for sale on eBay

1976 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans 1 (engine #070695)

One of the classic Italian sport bikes.

First year of the 850 LeMans (with round CEV tail light)

I have owned the bike for the past 23 years having purchased it in October of 1989. During that time it has been maintained by well known and regarded east coast (CT) mechanic Phil Cheney (now at Max BMW in Ct.). The odometer shows 32,607 miles of which I put on approximately 4,000.

In 1995 I had the bike refreshed cosmetically, painting the frame, tank, fenders, fairing etc and the wheels were bead blasted and repainted as well. At the same time a dyna electronic ignition was added.

It has a couple of interesting parts:

1)  it has the very rare straight cut close ratio gear set/transmission (#ZD26073)

2)  it has a BUB exhaust (which has been jet hot coated and sounds incredible).

The tires have less than 50 miles on them and the rear shocks are new as well (Icons)

The bike is in generally excellent condition.

The warts ?

1)  There is a dent in the bezel of the tachometer (it was there when i bought it) (see photo)

2)  there is a small scratch on the right side of the tail section (see photo)

3)  there are some minor scratches on the jet hot coating of the right exhaust where some boxes were set against the pipe while stored (the bike has never been down) (see photo)

4)  The paint is flaking off of the 850 LeMans badging on the right side panel (see photo)

5)  The metal on the some of the lines shows light rusting (see photos)

6)  The seat is from a MK II and has been recovered in leather (on the bike when I bought it). Not really a wart as most of the original MK I seats cracked where the seat met the tank and have generally been replaced.

Also with the bike will come a complete set of workshop manuals as well as a Haynes manual.

Such a unique bike, with the injection molded seat looking part of the tank and the flat black pipes. It’s like they new exactly what people wanted and gave it to them. I could just look at it all day but if it were mine more time would be spend riding it I’m sure.

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