1977 Bimota SB-2 for Sale

1977 Bimota SB2 R Side

Well this is something you don’t see everyday: a swoopy Italian confection with a Japanese heart from that era of synthetic fabrics and bottoms of bell, the 1970’s.  Some consider the fashion and style of this era at a nearly all-time low.  But while the clothing of the 1970’s is still considered by some to be laughably tacky, chances are no one would have noticed whatever disco-riffic rayon abomination you were wearing if you showed up on something like this.  1970’s fashion was of debatable taste, but the era spawned some undeniably gorgeous cars and motorcycles.

For a detailed history of the SB-2 copy-and-pasted from the interwebs, hop on over to the original eBay listing: 1977 Bimota SB-2 for Sale.

1977 Bimota SB2 L Front Naked1977 Bimota SB2 Frame

The name Bimota was derived from the three founders; Valerio BIanchi, Giuseppe MOrri, and Massimo TAmburini.  Bimota was established in 1966 and specialized in heating and air-conditioning systems.  They got their start working with motorcycles by wrapping innovative, stiff, and light frames around reliable and powerful Japanese motors, beginning with the Honda-powered HB-1 in 1973. 

If you’re seeing a pattern here with the alpha-numeric naming, you win a wide-collar, polyester paisley sports shirt: the first letter indicates the motor manufacturer, the second is for “Bimota”, and the number indicates how many bikes have powered by that manufacturer.  So a Bimota DB-5 would be the fifth Bimota with a Ducati motor.

Like many Italian manufacturers, Bimota has been in-and-out of bankruptcy since its creation, but it currently offers a broad lineup of achingly exotic machines, including a new BMW-powered bike.

I really love the way the seat clings to the self-supporting, aluminum one-piece seat and tank.  And check out those cool quick-release straps on the sides!  The frame, really one of the bike’s most innovative features, looks amazing when shorn of bodywork to reveal the monoshock rear suspension and tightly wrapped engine.  Lighter and better-handling than the original Suzuki GS750 that donated its motive force, the bike was almost impossibly far ahead of its time.

1977 Bimota SB2 R Rear Naked

The “Buy-It-Now” price is at $48,000 with current bidding at $35,500 with “Reserve Not Met” still mocking us with its blue lettering.  I’ve no idea what these are currently worth, as they only rarely come up for sale.  But with only about 100 ever built by one of the most storied manufacturers in history, this is surely a rare opportunity.


1977 Bimota SB2 Rear


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