1978 Ducati 900GTS

There are Ducati’s and then there are Ducati’s. This 1978 900 GTS is one of the later and not the former. What separates the two is one came from the factory special, and the other not so much. But when it comes down to it, this GTS is a 1970’s Ducati, and therefore is one of the Special ones, just not as special.

The seller is very economical with their description

Here is a VERY RARE 1978 Ducati 900 GTS. Bike is in good condition, but will need some restoring. Has been sitting inside for many years, ran when it was put away. Motor turns over fine. I have some extras with it.

The seller might be eluding to the fact that many GTS are striped down and used to create tributes to other Ducati’s of the time. But if you were lucky enough to get an original from the factory the performance numbers would have been as follows; 65hp at 7200 rpm beg-at by 9.8:1 CR 864cc fed by 2 32mm Dell’Orto PHF and a top speed of 116mph.  Styling is from Giorgetto Giuiaro, and his square tanks, side panels and seat were not very popular. The GTS was offered at the same time as the 900SS with its round style and 80hp with 40mm Dell’Orto’s. Something else the SS offered that the GTS did not are the five letters, D E S M O.

Now every manufacture offered a line-up of motorcycles which range in performance and corresponding price point. What seemed to hurt the sales of the GTS were not so much the performance or the price, but the styling. The Super Sports were so much more desirable that the GTS not only didn’t sell, but those that did leave the showroom appear to have soon found SS body work.

Looking over the pictures of this bike on eBay, there is going to be some work needed to get it road ready. I don’t think that the twin disk’s were offered in gold. So the question is going to be weather the next owner of this bike is going to end up with a SS replica, or the rarer, stock 900 GTS. BB

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