1978 Ducati Darmah SS on ebay


I came across this and had to post it here because 1.) while it’s an interesting older Ducati Supersport, I’m not QUITE sure whether it’s really a Darmah SD as claimed 2.) the very unique and, er, “different” custom paint job:

Now I say I’m not sure whether it’s a Darmah SS because:

– the Darmah SS was only introduced in 1979
– it doesn’t have the Darmah tail or tank
– the front fender and wheels look like they are from a 900SS
– the left engine casing looks different to other Darmahs

Someone with more knowledge can probably tell from the engine casing numbers what model this bike is, and I have a suspicion that this one is a “bitsa” – bits of a 900SS, a Darmah, and perhaps even another model mixed altogether.

The other thing that needs mention is, of course, the special custom paint job – I’m actually lost with words on this.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting bike that has good potential.


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