1978 Moto Guzzi Lemans 850 MKII

There is an old joke about Moto Guzzi riders talking about sagging BMW riders. This 1978 Moto Guzzi MkII LeMan is one such motorcycle which would excite a lot of riders. A lot of work has been done to it, and maybe a unique fairing as well.

 From the seller

Dual Plugged!

Dyna coils

BUB Deep sump with outside spin on oil filter

BUB Conti replica mufflers, sound is awesome

K&N Air filters

Tarrozzi fork brace

Wesco Gell battery

Agostini  full fairing

Stucci seat

Agostini  rear sets (actually more comfortable than the original set up)

Everything safety wired

Ultra bright Caribe dual headlights with Hi/Low and pilot bulbs

The first of the LeMans first showed up in 1975 as a 750cc V Sport and was a success on the track as off. Moto Guzzi increased the displacement to 850 by the MKII, and continued to 1000cc. The LeMans name continues today and takes its styling from the Guzzi from the 1970’s. This 850 LeMans has  844cc of 90 degree V-Twin sitting across the frame like no other V-Twin. Two 36mm VHB fill 10.2:1 CR  cylinders to generate 81hp at 7600 rpm. An interesting feature offered for the MKII was that the foot brake would activate one of the front two calipers, as well as the rear brake.

More from the seller

Purchased several years ago from previous owner after a total rebuild including paint and most of the upgrades you see on the bike now. I added the fork brace, the seat, Metzlers, the billet head guards, and the mufflers – everything else was done by previous owner and is very nicely done….Only routine maintenance has been required in the time I’ve owned it (oil changes, filters, carb seals/ O rings, & battery) Turn signals were added to comply with State safety inspection requirements but could be removed without compromising the bike – the front signals are mounted on drilled out fairing mounting bolts so no extra holes in the fairing, the rear signals just bolt on

The MkII was known for its small bikini fairing which was developed about the same time as the R90S from BMW. The fairing offered on this 1978 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans, which the seller is calling an Agustini Full Fairing, is a great deal more then just a bikini. But it looks great. I am a fan of a full fairing on a Classic Motorcycle, and the added bonus of Twin headlights ala Endurance racing is well worth the price of admission.BB

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  1. Bloody hell, THAT is drool-worthy! What a beautiful, beautiful bike. Me want, damn it!

  2. Clement Lemieux says:

    Good day!
    I would like to know if that bike still available to buy.

    You can email or call 581-999-5227