1978 MV Agusta 350S Ipotosi For Sale on eBay

1978 MV August 350S For Sale

What a gorgeous looking little sportbike! I love the full fairing, colors, and alloy wheels. But I love the seller’s ad description even more — read on:

1978 MV August 350S For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

This is very cool bike

The full fairing is nothing less than majestic

Currently, I have only two pics

But I wanted to get this listing up before my buzz wore off

So I’ll post more pics

This bike screams at 7,000 rpm

But doesn’t idle worth a damn

Starts w/o using the choke, thus it most likely is running too rich

And probably has a pebble in the idle circuit

Or could simply be a loser, but i doubt that

In the interest of transparency (and before additional pics), the right side of the windscreen is heavily scratched in a very small area

To my mind, this is merely a meritorious battle scar–but i realize that most folks require unblemished splendor

And in as much as the scar most likely occurred in a parking lot rather than being raced in anger as the brits say, i would agree with those that would disparage this example and thus welcome their lowball bids

Oh my goodness, sounds like something I might write after a few too many cocktails — not that I’d start an eBay listing while half in the bag, but if I did, it might read like this!

Regardless, it’s getting some attention as the bidding has gone from $400 to over $2000 in just a few hours. I hope he updates his listing before the auction is over so we can see the damage he talks about and maybe get some more details. Like mileage for starters!


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