1978 Yamaha RD400

Wanna get into classic sports bikes on the cheap? This little RD400 would be a good gateway in. Very clean with the  period correct parts to give it the perfect amount of extra performance. The seller is short and to the point so I will be too.

1978 Yamaha RD400 For Sale on eBay

Here’s his description.

Yamaha Motorcyle RD in Pristine condition.

New battery
Gold anodized DG Heads
Spec II chambers 
KN Air Filters
Steering Stabalizer, (not yet installed you will have to install)
Fresh tune up all fluids changed
Rear Sets
Runs great, award winning at local shows.  A thumbs up from Jay Leno, who saw this bike in person. 
Downsizing my toy box. 
No known oil leaks
Own a piece of history and childhood. 

I like how he sneaks Jay Leno, Childhood and no oil leaks in there. He’s like a surgeon with his words. Seriously though, this bike is great and should go for a fair price that an average guy could afford. If you’re going to ride this a bunch and don’t need it to be a totally stock bike, change the wheels. The wheels on these bikes could be cut into pieces and used as boats anchors. I agree they look the part but they weigh a ton. Other than that the bike is a very neat and sporty piece of Classic Sport Bike history


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1 Response

  1. The ’78 may not handle quite as well as the ’79 and (in Canada) ’80 400s, but it’s still a SWEET bike. The DG heads and Spec II chambers are THE BUSINESS. I had a ’79, and its weight distribution is better than this particular year, but ANY RD400 in this condition will be an unmitigated blast to ride.

    I’m not in the market, sadly, but I encourage any fans of snap, crackle and smoke to pick it up. Coming on the pipe and having the front wheel lift is an experience NOT to be ignored. With these mods, it should come up — throttle only — in second gear on a cool day with fresh rings.