1979 Honda CBX Six


Six cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder equals 24 valves. Those are all controlled by two over head cams, but 105hp are still generated when the engine is spinning at  9000rpm. WOW. The 1979 Honda CBX 1000 was a very impressive machine, one that push the 544 dry bike and 200 lbs rider, lets be honest, over 135mph. And just imagine the power gained by the extra 147cm this bike has.


From the seller

TIMS has just finished a custom cafe racer style cbx -its another custom ground up resto -we  rebuilt the engine with TIMS exclusive  67 mm big bore pistons, kibble white h/d valve springs, cam chains, guides and tensioners –TIMS exclusive cryo treated rods and bolts for  strengthening — and all new bearings, seals and gaskets, valves, guides and seals,TIMS exclusive dyna ignition ,dyna coils and 8 mm wires –it has TIMS heavy duty starter, TIMS exclusive  euro alternator, TIMS exclusive cr 31mm round slide carbs fitted with new k/n filters, custom billet engine mounts and oil cooler brackets all new clutch components as well as a 82 CBX clutch basket for a rattle free engine – ,new battery ,new 630 chain and sprockets, new braided brake lines, custom ceramic coated exhaust ,piggyback period shocks, new Dunlop gt501 tires , new Pingel fuel tap, TIMS 2nd to none paint job with our custom fairing, and cafe tail piece painted to match, it has custom polished spoked wheels for that cool cafe look as well as retro look custom rear sets -brakes were completely rebuilt ,we integrated a box style swing arm for handling and drilled rotors to keep the heat dissipating from the pads– blinkers are integrated in license plate bracket in the rear and LED’s in the headlamp in the front, and we also included TIMS exclusive white faced gauges for that final retro look as well –new grips, levers, cables powder coated fork brace, progressive springs in the front forks and a tasteful amount of chrome trying not to go overboard for a cafe style bike


I did Google TIMS and it looks like the go to place to get any part times six. I will always support someone who has a passion for a single motorcycle, and put there time and money into supporting others of the same mind. Spend a few minutes going through the catalogue and it might effect how quickly you place your bid.


The CBX’s lead designers was Shoichiro Irimajiri, who before picking up his pencil to design the CBX, was over in Honda’s auto division working on the Civic. But don’t worry, it appears that he cut his teeth during the 1960’s with the Honda GP works design team. Back then Honda did not use 2-strokes in pursuit of win’s. What Honda did is add more and more cylinders. There is a direct link between the 6 cylinders of the CBX and the 6 cylinders racing around the tracks of Europe in the 1960’s. The question is why did it take until 1978 for Honda to offer it to the public.


This 1979 Honda CBX 1000 appears to have had most of the TIMS catalogue included in what looks to be a very nice restoration. The end product is one very nice looking CBX. There has to be said to 6 carbs lined up nicely under the gas tank. Throwing your leg over these 6 cylinders and 24 valves might be a little different from your last motorcycle. But if you pick up this 1979 Honda CBX, I’m sure it wont take you long to get comfortable. BB

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Is THAT ever a beautiful build! I am SO in love. If only it weren’t in Georgia and I weren’t in Japan. *sigh*