1980 Reno Leoni Ducati 900SS

For Sale: 1980 Reno Leoni Ducati 900SS

There was a time that a Reno Leoni tuned bike would practically guarantee your sucess at the racetrack. Just ask Jimmy Adamo, Mike Baldwin or Freddie Spencer….. Reno Leoni is most famous for his cylinder heads, but built very capable, complete motors. In the day, Reno Leoni bikes would post the fastest trap speeds, namely due to advanced cylinder head porting.

This particular Ducati 900 Super Sport, a classic bevel-drive beauty, bears the distinction of Reno Leoni. The bike itself is immaculate, and is – in and of itself – a gorgeous time piece from a different era. Adding Reno Leoni tuning to the mix only adds to the value, mystique and exclusivity of this particular offering.

From the seller:
I have owned this Ducati 900SS for several years and it has been on display during the entire time in a heated and air conditioned facility. It is extremely clean, having been partially restored a number of years ago to a very high standard. It was ridden after the restoration and now has an extremely nice patina to the paint. Of course there are a few paint blemishes, but overall it is a beautiful Ducati 900SS. It will be a standout at any Ducati show!

It has not been used since my purchase, deciding to have it on display rather than add any additional miles. If you want to see and hear the Ducati….click on You Tube and enter 1980 Ducati 900SS Reno Leoni. You will be viewing the actual Ducati that I am selling.

The date of manufacture was 07/79, however it is being sold as a 1980. The case # is 089238/DM860. The original Brembo brake tags are still on the front fork and are dated 05/79. Forks are Marzocchi.

What good are pictures when you can also have sound? Here is a video of this exact bike in action!

This beautiful 900 Super Sport has a mere 6,200 on the odometer. There is some discrepency with the model year, apparently: Date of Manufacture is 1979, the model year is 1980, and the title – due to some clerical error – shows it as a 1974. As we always caution buyers, do your homework up front and be sure and ask lots of questions. There is no reason to believe this bike is not what is is being portrayed as, but it never hurts to be careful.

If the details all check out, this is one pretty valuable 900 SS – not that bikes in this condition these go for peanuts to start with. However the Reno Leoni connection, together with the condition and general appearance will only bolster the already strong market for this era motorcycle.

The opening ask for this bike is a sobering $20,000, with reserve not met. The BIN is set for $25,000. Somewhere in between, someone might just go home with an amazing piece of racing legend history: A Reno Leoni tuned Ducati 900 Super Sport. For more details on the auction, to look at more pictures and to read more from the seller, . I believe this one is really worth a look!


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