1980 Wes Cooley GS1000S

During the late 60’s and early 70’s Suzuki’s stables were full of 2-stoke smokers. The competition had started coming out with big 4-stokes and Suzuki may have seen the winds of changes blowing the smokers out of popularity. To combat both, Suzuki developed a 750cc  engine in 1976 and by 1979 increased it to 1000cc. With the help of a Californian, this new bike wasn’t doing to shabby on the track as well.

Japanese born California tuner and performance parts provider, Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura was the “factory” race team for Suzuki, and in 1979 he was able to provide Wes Cooley with a bike that would take him to Japan and a win at the 8 hrs of Suzuka. This combination of tuner and rider would take the bike to the top step in Daytona Florida as well as overall win in the AMA Superbike Championship. To celebrate this, Suzuki started to offer the GS1000S  with a unique paint job, and a bikini fairing and called it the Wes Cooley Replica.

From the seller

            Up for auction is my 1980 Suzuki GS1000S, Referred to by many as the Wes Cooley replica bike.This bike has had a lot of work done and many new parts added over the last two years. I will list as many as I can. The bike has new tires, new coils, new stator, new rec/reg, N.O.S. fuel tank and Petcock, N.O.S. Choke Cable, N.O.S. brake lines, New Brake Pads. Rebuilt Calibers and Master Cylinder, New Windshield, Paint Job, New Seat Pan, Reupholstered Seat. New Gel Cell battery, New chain, New Rear Wheel Adjusters, New Pod Air Filters, New Head Light Bucket, New Fork Seals, The engine has been rebuilt to include: New Pistons, Pins and Clips, Rings, Crank Bearings, Crank Seals, Cam Chain, Valves Ground and reseated. New tappets, New OEM Oil Temp. Sending Unit, New Oil Switch, New Macuni Flat Slide Carbs, New Clutch for the Starter, New OEM Flywheel, Clutch basket has had A.P.E. Gorilla Kit installed including New Heavy Duty Springs, Rivets and Backing Plate by www.GSzone.com. New Spark Plugs, Oil and Oil filter. There has also been many nuts, bolts, and gaskets replaced. I have cleaned and reworked the various grounds on the bike. I have the receipts to prove everything listed.


The numbers available to the rider of the Wes Cooley Replica were substantial for the day. Four cylinders fed by 28mm Mikuni’s gave the 987cc 90hp at 8200rpm and a top speed of 138mph. What set the Wes Cooley apart from the other liter bikes of the time is the handling. Long for the time 60 inch wheel base, air assist front suspension and a stiff frame all gave the GS100S and advantage in the twisties. Other changes from the standard Suzuki was and 18inch rear wheel and bikini fairing. Though the bike was 16lbs heavier, the sexy bikini and race record made for a popular combination.

I wounder why the Replica name was only used for a short period? Wes Cooleys riding career was slowed down by a terrific crash in 1985. Yoshimura continued to provide Suzuki with power at the track and to production bikes. But the fact that there were so few factory Replica’s gives the bike a collectable status, and as always replicas of the Replica. Head on over to the auction here, and if you are in the market give it your best bid.


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