1981 Ducati Supersport 900 for Sale

1981 Ducati 900SS L Front

Speaking of square-case Ducatis…  There’s not much time left on this 1981 Ducati Supersport 900. The SS models are among the most collectable Ducatis and were the first bikes to feature their signature “Desmodromic” valve actuation that used cams instead of springs to close the valves. Other models featured traditional valve springs, although they still used tower shafts and a bevel gear system to drive the cams.

1981 Ducati 900SS Dash

The 864cc 900SS introduced in 1975 to replace the earlier round-case 750 used the revised “square-case” motor introduced in the 860GT. It was an evolution, as opposed to a revolution and featured elements designed to make the bike more appealing on the world market: the gearshift was now on the left side, mufflers were quieter, and mechanical/electrical improvements were made to improve reliability.

1981 Ducati 900SS Tank

There’s not very much information in the original eBay listing: 1981 Ducati Supersport 900 for Sale

1981 Mint condition Ducati 900 SuperSport Bevel drive.

Original paint
Original miles
All correct parts
Starts on first or second kick
Runs beautifully
Always stored indoors

Buyer is responsible for pickup

Down payment due within 48 hours

While the later bevel-drive models may not have the class and cache of the round-case bikes, you can’t complain about the style of this machine.  You could also argue that, while any bike at the end of its production run may have been “long in the tooth” or even obsolete at the time they were built, from a collector’s point of view the machine is likely to be as refined as it ever was, with most of the bugs worked out.

With the SS models still increasing in value, this is still a good bet for investors, although the rest of us will just have to drool.


1981 Ducati 900SS R Rear

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