1982 Ducati 900SS


What more can be said about an Iconic motorcycle like the Ducati 900SS? It has the history of a winner through its older, smaller displaced 750SS. It can be argued that the Super Sport 750 and 900 were the motorcycles that saved the company. Without the timely wins on the new motorcycle, Ducati could well have closed their doors. Instead they took a new L-twin design and ran with it, to a point today were fast, sexy motorcycle is defined by Ducati.


From the seller

1983 Ducati 900 Super Sport Exotic Classics is pleased to present this excellent 1983 Ducati 900SS. Finished in Ducati Silver this bike has only traveled 3559 miles and since pampered since new. This motorcycle comes to us from a small collection of one of our known bike collectors that has over 20 vintage and exotic motorbikes. These Ducati 900SS are very rare bikes and very collectible in the Classic motorcycle world. We have the factory correct rear shocks and air cleaner as well. 355 bikes were made in this last of the series. 5 speed, chain driven final drive. Electronic ignition with a kick start as well. Top speeds of 125(from 1983 tests). Motor specs are- OHC 90-degree Desmodromic L-Twin 56hp @7,000 RPM. Dual disc brakes up front with a single disc on the rear. Show or ride this exceptional vintage Italian classic. Ducati’s original 900 Super Sport was one of the most single-minded sporting superbikes that ever devoured an innocent public road. It was essentially a street-legal production racer: fast, raw and uncompromising. It handled and slopped brilliantly, looked and sounded gorgeous and was a match for anything on road or track. The 900SS owed its existence to Ducati’s victory in the Imola 200 race in 1972. when factory pilots Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari had finished first and second ahead of numerous factory opponents. The factory celebrated by producing a small batch of road-legal replicas of the racebike. These were popular, so more were built, this time called the 750 Super Sport instead of Imola Replica as the model had initially been known. 1977 witnessed the introduction of the 900SS in response to the improved performance of rival machines. Early variants were equipped to a similarly Spartan level as the 750 Super Sport, however later models were better equipped and more reliable losing some of the earlier models purity and performance. Show condition, All Original never restored.


1983 was one of the final years of the SS in its original style, before the MHR, and before the 900SS S2. Yes the big turn signals most go into a box on the shelf (most keep originals even if they are an eyesore.) 864cc of Desmo valve goodies create 67hp at 7500rpm and a top speed of over 130mph. And did we say sexy (after you remove the turn signals.)


This 1982 Ducati 900SS is a bike that is on everyone’s want list, as it should be. But it is becoming a motorcycles that is on very few can afford to have list. The motorcycle market has evolved to include investment bikes, which are far from riders. The  900SS is a Blue Chip on the invester market, but lets hope the next owner of this bike will have enough to throw a leg over it every once in a while, and add more miles to their investment. BB


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  1. I’m loving the look of this ducati. It is really a bike that everyone wants, the exterior looks magnificent as well as the interior. Great bike to have!