1983 Benelli 900 Sei for Sale

1983 Benelli 900 Sei Front

It’s really been raining Benelli the past couple weeks!  This week, there’s a very solid, but slightly neglected 1983 Benelli 900 Sei for sale in New Jersey.  The 900 was a development of the 750 Sei introduced in 1972 as a flagship model for Benelli, a sophisticated tour de force of engineering and style, a classic “gentleman’s express” of a motorcycle intended to show that Benelli could compete with the Japanese manufacturers.

The 750cc six-cylinder motor was supposedly heavily influenced by Honda’s CB550 four cylinder engine, with two cylinders grafted on to create the first road-going inline six motorcycle.  In 1979, displacement increased to 906cc and the single over head cam engine made 80hp.  While this wasn’t world-shattering performance at the time, the multi was extremely smooth with a wide powerband.

1983 Benelli 900 Sei L rear

Note the interesting duplex chain intended to handle the displacement/power increase of the larger motor.

From the original eBay listing: 1983 Benelli 900 Sei

This bike has not been driven in almost 20 years. Was running when I stopped driving it. I did not plan to stop driving it, and did not drain the carbs. It would need work to get it back to it’s former glory. It’s been siting in the back of a dry place and has little rust. This bike sounds like no other,I lent it to a friend once and had to chase him down for days and he left his new bike with me. It sounds that good. The bikes has a small rip in the fairing and the carbs need work so i am selling this as a non running bike. I’m sure in can be fixed, but if I fixed it I would drive it and I would be rite back on it again.

1983 Benelli 900 Sei Dash

There’s not much information here, and the seller refers to the bike as a “Sci” which doesn’t do much to increase buyer confidence.  With bidding still below $4,000, this might be a great way to pick one of these up at a bargain price, but anyone getting into a six-cylinder Italian exotic should be prepared to spend money putting a bike like this right.

With luck, a simple carburetor rebuild should get this classic machine back on the road.


1983 Benelli 900 Sei R Engine

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1 Response

  1. jess says:

    The 900 sei is a neat bike but this one looks like a real gamble. I would want to inspect it in person before bidding. Don’t like the aftermarket exhaust. Looks like the bidding so far shows the bidders caution.