1983 Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica

About 3 months ago I was standing with my back to the road as I was filling up with gas. Coming down the road was this very loud, lumping 2 cylinder, that I could only assume was some form of American Iron. To my surprise and delight, instead I saw a beauty in Red and Green, with Ducati written on the side. My first audible experience with a Mike Hailwood Replica. I felt shame that my ears lead me to believe it could possibly be from something other then an Italian beauty. This 1983 MHR Ducati now available on eBay has a soundtrack in my head that I will never forget.


From the seller.

For sale is my 1983 MHR.  The bike was cosmetically restored to a very high standard about 11 years ago and ridden very sparingly since.  Recently, the carbs, brake hydraulics, fuel, and electrical system have been gone through and serviced and sorted as needed (fluids, filters, etc.).  The bike has all OE parts.  The Michelin tires have still have the nubs on the tread.  All gauges and electrics work as they should.  The bike runs and sounds absolutely wonderful.  The chrome Conti exhaust pipes are beautiful.  The paint is very nice, with minor damage at the lower left side of the faring that occurred while the bike was in storage.  As seen in the pictures, the odometers reads 20520 kilometers.  This bike would make an excellent addition to anyone’s Ducati collection but isn’t so valuable that one couldn’t ride and thoroughly enjoy it.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

From previous posts here on CSBFS, you will likely know of the story of Mike Hailwood and how he came back from a long retirement to take this Italian bike out for a spin on the Isle of Man. Legends were made that day, and the bike that Mike piloted was offered up to the public. Based on the 900cc 90 degree L-twin single overhead cam engine with Desmo valves, the MHR offered 80hp at 5800rpm and a top speed of 133 mph.


The story of Ducati has many chapters, and because of the Italian financial problems, many different owners. Bright spots in its history were the early 1970’s and the Super Sports. Another explosion of Ducati into the world consciousness was delivered by Mike Hailwood in 1978 after 11yrs off the bike. If you want a bike with a sound that turns head, and performance to back it up, this MHR Ducati can be yours. BB

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