1983 Honda VF750F Interceptor

The first time I remember seeing the Honda Interceptor was in my high school parking lot. More specifically the bicycle parking area. The owner had just committed to the Army and taken any money he had saved up, and bought the newest (at the time) fastest motorcycle he could get. Then rode around town with a t-shirt, jeans, Army surplus gloves, and no helmet. Not sure if he ever made his commitment to the Army. When I saw this 1983 Honda Interceptor on eBay, I saw jeans and a t-shirt, no helmet, riding a wheelie, (or the best at the time) out from between bicycles, into my high school parking lot.

 From the seller

Beautiful survivor VF750F all original. Excellent condition, I would give it somewhere between an 8 – 8.5 on a scale of 1-10 as far as cosmetic condition goes considering its age and I very picky when it comes to things like that. I have taken photos of any cosmetic blemishes I could find which are relatively minor. There is some discoloration and some light scratches on the exhaust pipes (more so on one side than the other) as well as around the instrument switches. There is a hairline crack in the tail piece. With those imperfections in mind, please also keep in mind that this bike has never been down or dropped. All of the bodywork is in excellent condition. The original paint on it is just beautiful. Very glossy with great luster. Please look at the photos carefully.

What you got back in 1983 was very special. With changes in AMA racing, you had to put a bike on the road that was similar enough to the one on the track to satisfy the sanctioning body. Oh and did it satisfy the buying public to. 86 water cooled horse power at 10,000 rpm from a 748cc V4 with DOHC and 4x30mm Kiehin carbs to get the rider and bike up to  138mph. Oh and  15mpg too. These performance numbers were helped by GP inspired fairing, controlled with a trendy at the time 16 inch front wheel and a single rear shock. These numbers were all generated without the 100rpm power band that the previous blue smoking superbikes limited you to.

More from the seller
As far as the mechanical condition of the bike goes I would give it close to a perfect 10. The carburetors have been rebuilt, cleaned, and synchronized by “old school carbs” of San Jose. The gel battery is new. All fluids, and I mean all fluids have been drained and replenished with fresh fluids. Brakes are fairly new as well. The gas tank has been professionally drained, cleaned and coated to prevent rust. 9,800 original miles. Runs better than new. Registered as non operational with the California DMV so no back fees. Clear California title.


The Honda Interceptor wasn’t only the first modern super bike that I saw, it was the first modern super bike that many people saw. With its integrated fairing, hugely over square engine, developing power through the whole rpm range, the VF750F was something new. It was what everyone looked to imitate, and what  everyone wanted to ride. If you want the original, this 1983 Honda Interceptor is ready for you and your money to part ways. BB

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2 Responses

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but those scratches on the right exhaust sure do look of the dropped (even if at a standstill) variety. They sure didn’t come from wiping down the bike a little too enthusiastically.

  2. louie says:

    15 MPG ???