1984 Ducati Vento 350

Here’s one I didn’t know about: the Ducati Vento.  Ever hear of it?  Neither had I, so I checked out the buyer’s ad:

 “Ducati Vento 350 1984, last of the singles, very rare, this bike came from a museum in Japan and is featured in the Vento web site.  Totally original with new tyres and some rechroming.

 Offered at no reserve, bike Located in Australia but please check my feedback.  Freight at buyer’s cost.”

(All caps of the original post helpfully deleted by me.  You’re welcome.)

Not much info there about this apparently rare piece, so I poked around the internet to confirm what a look at the pictures suggested: a fresh set of clothes for a machine well past its prime.  This was actually the very last motorcycle to be powered by the classic Ducati bevel-drive single that used a tower shaft and gears to operate the valvetrain, instead of the more common belts, chains, or pushrods.  Ducati actually stopped making bikes motivated by this powerplant in 1974…

In bare alloy, it’s a gorgeous motor.  Here, it’s been painted black in 80’s fashion to mask the motor’s 1960’s origins.  The curves of the cases and head would clash badly with the creased lines of the much later bodywork.

The 350cc single produced 28hp, enough to move the 360lb bike to 94mph and the modern suspension should give it handling to make for a fun ride.

MotoTrans was a Spanish company that produced badge-engineered bikes powered by Ducati and Zundapp engines before they were bought by Yamaha in 1983.

A very neat little bike with tons of character, sort of like a Spanish Cagiva Alazzurra…  Until you see the Starting Bid price.  Yeowch!  $8,000?  What’s the exchange rate between Australian and US dollars?  A rare and fascinating machine, but I’d think this is on the high end for pricing on these.

1984 Ducati Vento 350


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