1985 Ducati AHRMA Race Bike for Sale

Not much time left on this one, so jump on it quickly!  Although bidding’s not too lively, so it may get relisted…

Tired of dodging drivers with cell phones seemingly glued to their ears?  Or propped up on the steering wheel while they text whatever message is so critically important that it takes precedence over your life?

I’ve seen people writing checks, eating salads and breakfast cereal with milk, doing makeup, reading books and magazines…  Throw in normal road hazards like gravel, potholes, deer, stray dogs, discarded track pants, and it’s enough to make you swear off street riding for good.  Maybe it’s time to hit the racetrack instead!

Everyone’s on two wheels, everyone’s paying attention, and riding in the same direction.  No stop signs, speed limits, so far so good.  But where to begin?  How about right here:

1985 Ducati AHRMA Race Bike for Sale

All the heavy lifting’s been done for you: it’s a bit of a mongrel, track-prepped and, from the video, it looks to be pretty fast.  Or maybe the owner’s just quck…

Clip on the track:

It’s based on an 80’s Cagiva Alazzura from when they owned Ducati and sports a V-twin Ducati Pantah motor punched out to 780cc’s.  From what I understand, these motors don’t make a ton of power out of the box but respond well to tuning and the hard parts are very reliable.

It is running without a charging system or a functioning starter, so it’s definitely not a dual-purpose street/track bike, but it looks sharp and seems to have been nicely put together.  Depending on where the reserve is set, this could be a good choice for someone looking for something affordable with a bit of character.

If you’re handy with tools, this might be a more fun, stylish, and certainly less intimidating way to get into racing/track riding without having to resort to buying some highly-strung, frenetic modern 600 or some generic commuter converted to track duty.


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