1980 Kawasaki Z1R

Hi all!  The Olympics are over so I am back to posting. 

17 days in front of the TV, whew!

Here we have a  on Ebay, from Quebec. 

Manificient Kawasaki Z1R 1000 1980. Never bumped with original paint. This bike starts really well and ready for the road. I’m not the owner of that bike, I place that annoncement for my father-and-law who has this motorcycle for 5 years. If I missed anything you want to know about, please ask.  Please keep in mind Ebay charges me $100 when someone bids past the reserve, whether or not the transaction is actually completed.  If you do bid, please be 100% certain that you are authorized and committed to buying it. Check the bank account.  Check shipping.  Check other necessities.  Bidding is limited to buyers with paypal accounts.Send me a note if you are a serious buyer without Paypal and we will talk it over.  Please ask any questions about the bike or payment options with me before bidding to ensure we both end up happy. 

These  iconic Kawi’s were available from ’78-’80.  They came in black,  metallic silver and luminous dark red in the various years.   They were very cool for the era with the 1/4 fairing, 4 into 1 pipe, and triple disks.  The engine was the bullet-proof  Z-1 based motor now at 1015 cc’s. 

One quirky feature was the front brake. It had a cable operated master cylinder which was mounted in the fairing.  This was done because the fairing came so close to the handlebar that a regular master cylinder would not fit! 

Kawasaki also offered a turbo version, the Z1R-TC which was a beast, basically a stock Z1R with an American Turbo Pac kit. If they didn’t pull your arms off they would blow up! 

These bikes were not a sales success, but like the XLCR I listed previously a sales flop then makes a sought after bike now! 

If interested in a Z1R, look closely for rotting exhaust (if you are lucky enough to find one with stock exhaust) tank rot (around the emblems) rattly motors and engine smoke. 

These bikes are still just big ZED’s so engine, chassis, and regular maintenance parts are readily available. 

This bike looks good for a daily rider but certainly not mint, looks stock (save for the exhaust) would be a nice bike to enjoy as is, or a solid foundation to restore. 

My local dealer used to have a new one on the floor (black) which I drooled over, but I never bit! 



Born in '64 outside of Belfast, became a Canadian when I was 12. First bike Kawasaki KM100. First street bike '77 CB400F. Owned about 25 bikes over the last 25 years, mostly Japanese. Currently 8 bikes in the garage covering the last 4 decades. Currently riding a newly restored '82 Yamaha RD350LC (in '81 white colours).

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3 Responses

  1. orlando says:

    what is the asking price and where is located

  2. Gerry says:

    quebec canada

    ebay auction

  3. Jeff says:

    Hi Gerry, is the Z1R still for sale?
    Please send me a email of the price if still for sale =)