250cc the hard way: Tiddler Recap!

For Sale: 1982 Honda MB5, 1989 Yamaha YSR50, 1982 Honda Motocompo

There are a lot of really cool bikes on eBay right now. Unfortunately, many of them do not warrant an in-depth post on CSBFS – but we still want you to know about them. And because not all cool bikes are mega dollar or mega horsepower, here is a quick look at some cool tiddlers available right now.

How about a trio of Honda MB5s?

The Honda MB5 was a one year model bike: 1982. It was introduced in the US across all 50 states. The air cooled single cylinder displaces 50cc and is coupled to a 6 speed transmisson. A single disc brake up front takes care of stopping duties, with a drum brake in the rear. Both are more than adequate given the MB5’s nominal top speed. Like all two strokes, the MB5 likes to rev; keep the RPMs above 8k or so and forward progress is surpisingly for the size.

Only two colors were offered in the US (Red/Blue and Black/Red), and both schemes are represented here. While very rare, these bikes are not terribly expensive. They make great around town commuters as gas usage is minimal, and they are a hoot to ride as you can flail on them at 10/10ths and not subject yourself to tickets, jail time or 100+ MPH speeds.

For more information on these great bikes, select a link below. Enjoy!

1982 Honda MB5 #1 – Red/Blue

1982 Honda MB5 #2 – Black/Red

1982 Honda MB5 #3 – Red/Blue

Yamaha YSR50

During the late 1980s and into the early 1990s the YSR50 craze gripped the nation. Young riders started appearing on these slightly-larger-than-circus-midget sized bikes, which contained all of the lights and necessities to be D.O.T. legal. Soon karting tracks were being overrun as new racing classes developed. Customizations popped up left and right – from big bore kits to rearsets, controls and bodywork. Today there are not that many survivors; the YSR did not make a very good streetbike, and most were hotrodded into extinction. There are still a few clean ones left – like this one. For more information, click on the link and jump over to the YSR auction!

1982 Honda Motocompo

I saved the best for last. This 1982 Motocompo is a truly rare, unique and totally original concept from Honda. Never imported to the US, the Motocompo was intended for use in Japan where populations make inter-city traffic and parking a nightmare. Designed as a folding bike, the Motocompo would fit into the back of a typical sub-compact car. The driver would park on the outskirts of the populated area, lift out the bike, unfold the controls, and ride the rest of the way. It is a brilliant concept that never really caught on – making these very rare to find today.

Offered in a number of basic colors, the Motocompo sports a 50cc single cylinder engine. The handlebars fold down into the body, and a locking cover seals the gap on the top of the unit. Once the gas is turned off and the footpegs are folded up, the Motocompo becomes a 100 lb suitcase of sorts. Unfolded, the “suitcase” is good for 25-30 MPH depending upon rider size and the direction of the prevailing wind. This extremely clean example is headed to the highest bidder.

Well there you go: 250cc the hard way. I hope you enjoyed the tiddler recap, as these can be an absolute blast to ride. Sure they are toys at best – but aren’t most of th bikes we drool over? I promise that my next post will be on something larger, but no less rare and no less fun. Until then, rev ’em if you’ve got ’em!


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