A good time for buying a Bonneville in the Northwest

I am always looking at Craigslist from Vancouver BC down to San Francisco CA for potential Fly and ride purchases that will never happen. This week seems to be the time to buy a later Classic Triumph, with prices range from a high at $11,000 and a low of  $3000.

Fist offering in 1959 the Bonneville was a celebration of the efforts of California Triumph Dealers going land speed racing in Utah. The 650cc engine had been around since the early 1950’s but was given a boost with twin carbs and a hotter cam. First build as a pre-unit, by 1963 the engine and transmission were joined into one unit. Frame changes were made through development, and oil was eventually stored within the frame in the later years. Performance numbers for the 649cc were 46bhp at 6,700rpm and a top speed of 115mph, enough to win the Isle of Man Production class in 1967 and 1969. Triumph sales peaked in 1967 when they sold 28,000 Bonneville’s in the US.

 This 1970 Bonneville in white is has been listed over the last couple months and it a very good looking bike in White. The seller states that it has had a complete restoration and looks very good in both the paint and the shiny parts.

This 1972 Bonneville comes in a mustard yellow with the later square styled tank. The high bars could be original because that was the style that was popular in the early 70’s. Its not as clean as the White bike and is priced accordingly.

Here is an earlier 1969 Bonneville in Red. It also claims to be fully restored and the pictures are not as close up as the white one, but looks clean.

This is another Bonneville, also in mustard yellow, but personally I like the off setting black. This claims to be in original condition with 7200 miles on the odometer having spent the last 25 years in a dealer showroom.

The oldest is this 1967 Bonneville, and this one has the sporty “R” in the name. Again another complete restoration in 2008 with only 245 miles since then.

All of these are in good looking order, with all the parts in all the right places.  The winter time has always been a good time to look for a motorcycle, but I am suprised at the quality and options that are available in such a small area. So if you are willing to fly and buy, makesure that you bring your rain gear because it is raining around Seattle right now.  BB

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