A Reader’s Ride: 1983 Honda VF750

CSBFS and RSBFS reader Warren contacted us regarding this nearly new ’83 Honda VF750 (official shop manual for the 83 Honda VF750). I think you will agree with us: this is about as clean as it gets! Warren has listed many details about this bike, and I think he tells it best in his own words. Contact information is included at the bottom of the post if you are interested in this beauty!

1983 Honda VF750FD Motorcycle
Engine Number: RC07E2115418
Chassis Number: RC152007493
Manufacture: April 1983
True Odometer: 3,122 kms

It has a genuine 3,122 kms on the clocks (1,950 miles) in perfect 100% running order

It’s 100% genuine, totally unmodied, immaculate showroom condition.

It even has the original tyres fitted.

Only the battery has been changed

Prior to long term storage in 1998:
* Motorcycle thoroughly hand cleaned and all metal surfaces lubricated, paint surfaced clean polished
* The fuel tank was drain and clean and a rust proof GLEEM coating was applied inside.
* The spark plugs were removed and synthetic oil was poured through to protect the pistons, rings and valves.
* The crankcase were drained and totally filled with synthetic oil.
* Fuel lines and carburettors drained and cleaned
* Suspension drained and fully refilled
* Chain totally cleaned and relubricated excessively
* Tyres overinflated to 45 PSI to maintain shape and sidewalls lubricated to stop cracking
* Motorcycle placed on centre stand
* Battery removed
* Protective bike cover applied
* Motorcycle was stored in climate controlled storage facility free from any natural light which can fade the colour on parts and plastics
* Wheels and tyres turned every 60 days to stop “pressure points” on wheel bearings and tyres

June 2011 removal from storage:
* Motorcycle thoroughly hand cleaned and all metal surfaces lubricated, paint surfaced clean polished
* All fluids drained
* NEW Engine oil and NEW Engine Oil Filter
* NEW Air Filter
* NEW Spark Plugs
* NEW Fuel Filter
* NEW Battery
* NEW Fork Oil
* Chain totally cleaned and relubricated

The motorcycle starts and runs as well as it did on the day it left the factory. The camshafts were replaced under warranty in an Australian Recall in 1984, due to the known camshaft wear problems. This bike was so young that there was no wear on the camshafts but were changed anyway by Honda Australia.

My “fixed” asking price is USD $14,000 uncrated ….. located in Melbourne, Australia. Assistance would be provided to transport the motorcycle to any place in Melbourne for crating and shipping.

My contact details:
Mr Warren Whittaker
5/15 Green Street
Airport West VIC 3042

Telephone: 61-3-94499100 (up until 15th September)
Telephone: 61-3-93388199 (after 15th September)
Email: wn.whittaker@bigpond.com


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