A Very Clean 1973 Kawasaki H1

Sixty horse power from a bike weighing less than 400lbs in 1973? OK, where do I sign up? In 1969 Kawasaki introduced the tripe cylinder two strokes that everybody said couldn’t be done. Well, they did it and it was fast. The same year Honda was making cb750’s that weighed over 500lbs with only 6 more horses. Don’t get me wrong I love the CB750’s for their two up friendly problem free inline fours. When I want to get on a bike by myself and head out to the back roads with long straights and tight curves, I’ll take the power to weight ratio of the 1970’s smokers.

Check out this 1973 Kawasaki H1 500 Triple on Orange Co. Craigslist for $4900

It seems to me that the power of motorcycles has always been more than the suspension and breaking can handle. Case in point, the 1973 Kawasaki H1. Maybe that’s the reason I don’t see these for sale very often. Most of the one H1’s I do see are untitled, non runners with missing parts and high price tags. This bike only falls into one of those categories. Considering what’s been done to this bike, the prices the dead ones seem to fetch, the price seems inline to me though. I’m pretty sure more than the asking price has been put into this clean machine. The Ferrari Red with white racing stripes is a nice touch.

If you’re looking for a finished, ready to ride vintage Two Stroker here’s your bike.

The seller really paints a clear picture with his list.

This is the legendary 1973 Kawasaki H1 Triple two stroke superbike. With its lightning fast acceleration and menacing two stoke sound its an intimidating cafe racer. These bikes have become very hard to find especially since street legal two stokes have been outlawed in California for some time. This one was recently built with a powder coated gloss black frame, triple tree and misc. parts. Tank, side covers and rear faring was recently painted with two stage PPG Shopline Ferrari Red with white racing stripes paint and four coats of clear. Also has upgraded halogen front head lights with stock headlight mounts, cafe mirror, rare Koni Racing Shocks, New Bridgestone BattleAx tires front and rear, trued and balanced chrome spoke wheels, new seat upholstery, rebuilt carburetors, rebuilt oil pump, lower superbike handlebars, new clutch with racing springs and modified easy pull clutch lever, K and N air filters, new chain, rebuilt forks with new fork tubes and Pingel high flow petcock. Engine was taken apart and replaced anything that needed replacement.. The bike also includes a custom set of chrome plated expansion chambers with silencers made by the guys at MotoGPwerks of Anaheim hills. Runs only synthetic motor and two stroke oil. Runs excellent, very fast and always gets attention. Registration is clean and up to date.

This is definitely one of the cleanest H1’s I’ve seen for sale recently. It isn’t going to win “the most original bike” award but it could win your heart with a few Sunday rides on your favorite roads.


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  1. Five grand seems like the business. Pretty and nicely executed. The Widowmaker really needs a new home. 🙂