Affordable Exotic: 1977 MV Agusta 350 Ipotesi for Sale

1977 MV Agusta Ipotesi L Side

Although vintage MV Agustas like the 750S command hefty sums when they trade, it’s easy to forget that they also made a range of other bikes, generally of much smaller displacements. These bikes are also extremely rare, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they command commensurately high prices. Several of these Iptotesis have graced our pages and, considering how rare they are, can be had for surprisingly modest amounts.

1977 MV Agusta Ipotesi R Side Detail

The Ipotesi, or “Hypothesis” was first shown in 1973 and produced between 1975 and 1977. It was powered by an air-cooled, parallel twin with overhead valves. It was styled by Giugiaro, whose automotive designs were generally better-received than his two-wheeled creations. This particular bike though features a clean, elegant design that is pretty successful.

1977 MV Agusta Ipotesi L Side Front

Unusual among bikes of the era, the Ipotesi featured MV’s electronic ignition instead of points and was available with or without the fairing shown here, so don’t let the minor damage put you off, since you could certainly show or ride the bike without it.

From the original eBay listing: 1977 MV Agusta 350 Ipotesi for Sale

Fast little bike. This bike was imported from Belgium 3 years ago. It fires right up and is happy to rev and shift, stop and steer like only an Italian thoroughbred can. Quite a surprise to ride, seems diminutive but a credit to the race engineering legend of MV Agusta. It has some minor cosmetic issues from shipping on left fairing and muffler. Priced to sell, bid only as much as you are prepared to pay, will send second chance offer if not sold at auction to highest bidder. The title reads as a 1975 model year, if this is a problem for you, do not bid.

1977 MV Agusta Ipotesi L Side Detail

The title issue he mentions seems to be pretty common among older bikes, likely the result of examples sitting in showrooms for several years before being titled. The last one we posted came with an asking price of $10,500 so it looks like the seller means it when they say “priced to sell.” The Buy It Now price is $8,950 with bidding currently up to $6,100 with just over 24 hours left on the auction. These are very rare, and although certain parts might be tricky to source, this Ipotesi looks like it will provide lots of entertainment for a relatively small outlay of cash.


1977 MV Agusta Ipotesi R Side

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6 Responses

  1. Jason Gautney says:

    I’ve seen this bike in person and it sounds AMAZING!!!! Really nice complete bike!!!

  2. Daniel Aarons says:

    Hi Tad,

    I see the bike closed without making reserve. Actually quite a surprise, to me at least, but then the seller does have a reputation…

    A couple of notes to your commentary on the little MV. a. The faired and un-faired versions of the Ipotesi used very different mountings for the headlight and instrument cluster. You CAN run this version just with the fairing removed but it’s pretty ugly and not just like the naked version. Second, the brakes are Scarabs that were (apparently) only used on the Ipotesi. They’re irreplaceable and difficult to get service parts for. I wrote the seller to ask about the rusty disk vis. the caliper. He wrote back after the close and said they work fine and he doesn’t know why they’re not shiny. last, the fiberglass on the Ipotesis was notoriously flimsy so I’m not surprised to see the tear on that one. It’s an easy repair of course but then you have to re-paint…

    Thanks for the daily reports.


  3. Daniel Aarons says:

    Oh, and one more detail that the seller seems to have missed. The bike has the Extre-Cool Magni pipes. Not the straight style stock ones. Those will make an MV fan go all soft in the knees (or worse). I don’t know the dollar value but they’re pretty, sound great, work well and are a little lighter than stock. Super Cool kit!

  4. sr88 says:

    but then the seller does have a reputation… You gut that right! He probably shut the auction down because he decided the reserve was to low.

  5. tad says:

    Thanks for the notes! Always great to hear from folks with more detailed knowledge about the bikes we feature.

  6. sr88 says:

    And its back on MichealsMotorcycles website for $9,500. Kind of what I suspected. I’m sure there’s a story.