American Icon: 1972 Harley-Davidson XR750

For Sale: 1972 Harley-Davidson XR750 Davey Camlin

Can there be anything more classic American than a XR750 dirt tracker? The only major competition where The Motor Company is competitive (and in fact, pretty much dominates), the XR750 is THE basis for a successful dirt track racing campaign. As a result, most all of these bikes have some racing history and they are much sought after by collectors.

A good view of the basic XR750 mill. Those of you familiar with an H-D won’t see too much new, although bikes honed in competition usually had some trick bits (flowed heads, etc) that bumped the horsepower up from factory stock. According to the seller, this bike was campaigned by Davey “The Rock Island Rocket” Camlin before he turned AMA Pro. Davey was rookie expert #41P in 1989, and went on to win four Dirt Track Nationals between 1994-1996. Sadly, we lost Davey to a racing accident on July 24, 1999.

From the seller:
This 1972 Harley XR750 Dirt tracker is up for auction. This bike was once owned and ridden by Davey Camlin. Davey rode this bike as an amateur in the AMA, when he turned expert, he sold this bike; and bought a new XR750. The bike was put back to “stock” form, and all the upgrades were removed and installed on his new XR. They also removed the rear brake setup, putting this bike back to the way it came from Harley. Davey’s father sold this bike in 1989, to Bob Hansen, the famous west coast Honda tuner. Mr. Hansen restored this bike for display purposes, while still leaving it functional. The motor is complete, and it does turn over. However, this bike has never been started since Me. Camlin sold it to Bob in 1989. Bob Hansen sold this bike to our customer in 2009; and now the bike is back up for sale once again. As most any motorcycle person knows, XR750s are the premiere American dirt track bike. You cannot find a more genuine piece of American racing history. The XR has dominated the AMA flat track series for decades. This is a clean example of the XR750, and we have been told that it is a very early XR motor. Below is a scan of a letter detailing some history on the bike, the letter was written by Bob Hansen. This is a serious racing machine, that is highly collectable due to its rarity and unique history. We will ship this bike worldwide; all costs of packing and shipping are the responsibility of the winning bidder. We suggest Allied Van Lines for domestic shipping, international shipping arrangements are the responsibility of international bidders; we can help facilitate crating if necessary. There is no title for this bike; it will have a bill of sale only. We will also include a copy of the original bill of sale from Davey Camlin’s father to Bob Hansen in 1989.

Values for XR750 racebikes can be all over the map. The last bike listed on CSBFS – a 1980 XR750 – sold for $35,000. The genearl pricing guideline suggests in the neighborhood of $20,000 – $25,000 for a current competitive bike and over $30,000 for perfectly restored, or factory racing history examples. For more pictures and information on this American icon, click the link and jump over to the auction.

From a very classy flattrack site ( comes this poem written by Davey himself. Pictures are courtesy of the memorial page on A well-liked individual on the circuit with a quick smile, Davey continues to be missed by the racing community.

“The Racer’s Dream”

Parker on my left
Carr on my right
It’s me and them
Waiting on the light.

I’m sittin’ at the line
I have no fear
Pull in the clutch
And put it in gear.

The light turns green
The race is on
Gotta good jump
I feel I’m gone.

Pound turn two
Got a good drive
Thinkin’ to myself
It’s great to be alive.

Down the back straight
In the lead
Hittin’ top speed.

Into turn three
Scotty’s trying to pass
I run it in deeper
Leaving on the gas.

Running wide open
Out of turn four
My Harley’s hooked up
And it’s lettin’ out a roar.

Down the front straight
And across the line
Still in the lead
This race is mine.

Lap by lap
I stretch the lead out
In my mind
There is no doubt.

The white flag is wavin’
The end is near
The cheering of the crowd
Is all I hear.

One more lap
My nerves are jumping
The adrenaline’s flowing
And my heart is pumpin’.

Off the final turn
I see the checkered flag is there
I cross the finish line
With my fist in the air.

Victory is sweet
Life is grand
I take my lap
Checkered flag in hand.

On top of the box
Champagne is flying
I’m so happy
I feel like crying.

I reach for the trophy
Wild eyed and gleaming
Then I awake
And realize I’ve been dreaming.

by Davey Camlin #27


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