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Rare Honda VF1000R for sale in Phoenix

 Here we have found a 1984 VF1000R on Craigslist Phoenix.


These bikes are very rare especially with only 7000 miles and a payment plan!! (See ad for details)

I can honestly say i have only seen a couple of these for sale in the last few years .

The VF1000R  was unique for its road racer styling, gear driven cams, quick release front axle clamps, 41mm front forks,  and high quality fit and finish.

While the U.S. market got the VF1000f  Interceptor, they really wanted the VF1000R  after seeing it go on sale in Europe.

After Honda realized the interest from the American public in this bike , they obliged and brought it in to the U.S. and waited for the customers to rush in,which much to Honda’s dismay never happened!  Many of these bikes languished on dealer’s floors for years. The problem was weight, lack of race success and finally they were very expensive ($6300) compared to the competition.  It didn’t help that Honda GP star Wayne Gardner compared their handling to a “marshmallow”.

I worked at a Honda dealership and I uncrated  and prepped a VF1000R  for the boss.  I was so impressed by the overall quality of this model compared to other Honda’s on the floor, it was just in a different league in build quality.  I even got to test ride it. It was totally different from anything i had ridden (big surprise, i was the owner of a ’80 CBX at the time LOL)  The sound was incredible!   Imagine a 19 yr old getting  paid to test drive one of these and being the boss’s bike to boot!

This bike is nice!  Other than the non factory pipe (i bet it sounds awesome) this looks like the bike to buy if you are in the market for a rare Honda.  The owner states “its damn near perfect” this is a bike worth travelling for. Buy it , bring it to Toronto and i will try to show you how a 19yr old would ride it!!


Freddie Spencer’s GP bikes for sale!!


Here at Classic Sport Bikes For Sale, we search the world for unique, rare, exotic or just plain cool classic sport bikes (25yrs and older) for your viewing pleasure.

Here we have ALL of the above!

Gran Prix bikes with real racing heritage usually end up in factory museums, large private museums, or gifted to the riders themselves for a job well done.

Championship winning GP bikes are in a league all of their own

Freddie Spencer was a racer from Shreveport, Louisiana who became the youngest ever Gran Prix world champion at the age of 21.

It must be mentioned that all his winning 2 stroke bikes (all the way back to the ’78 AMA 250 GP class) were tuned by Erv Kanemoto a fellow American (California) .  Erv also tuned for Barry Sheene (when Freddie was racing AMA superbike),  then with his own team (with backing from Rothmans and Honda) for Eddie Lawson winning the 500GP championship in ’89.

“The way Erv approached racing so professionally and with such dedication, I think it really built a solid team atmosphere,” Spencer said. “He was tireless in making sure everything was perfect for me when I went on the track.”

Mr Spencer is the only rider, to capture the 500GP and 250GP world championships in the same year (1985).

The bikes for sale are the 1983 Championship NS500 and his championship winning 1985 NSR250.


’82 Katana in Oregon

1982 Suzuki GSX Katana For Sale on eBay

The classic Suzuki Katana 1000, this bike really broke the mold for Japanese bikes!

The bike was basically a GS1100 with funky styling , by a gentleman named Hans Muth, and unveiled at the 1980 Cologne Motor Show.

The U.S got the bike in the 1000cc form (to meet U.S superbike rules) and the rest of the world got the 1100 motor.  At 89″ long and 511lbs (dry) this was a big bike!

Yoshimura raced one in AMA superbike in the States with Wes Cooley and Dave Aldana on board with some podium finishes  but with many mechanical problems.

The model continued until ’83 with limited changes, mostly cosmetic , these things have reached cult status in the U.K and of course Japan.

This bike looks really nice!

Very low miles (7,315 miles!), very clean and pretty much stock except for the nice Vance and Hines pipe.

If I only had the cash I would be all over this bike, but my marriage would also be all over!


GPZ 750 Turbo in Toronto area

Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo ’85 on Kijiji Oshawa/Toronto

O.K. i just squeaked in under the 25 or older rule!

The Kawasaki 750 Turbo, the first of the short lived Japanese turbo era of the mid eighties.This bike was the rocket of all factory turbo bikes( Honda CX500 Turbo,  the Suzuki XN85 Turbo, and the Yamaha  Seca 650 Turbo.)

The GPZ and the XN85 were  definitely the sport bikes of the group, with the other two more to the sport touring side of things.  But the GPZ 750 Turbo  had both awesome accelleration and handling, the Suzuki had only the handling!  The big problem with the turbo bikes was that all the Japanese manufacturers had bigger bikes that were faster, but for less money (and complexity) than a Turbo.

This bike is in Whitby Ontario, just outside of Toronto.

The bike looks amazing, even has original tires (which need replaced).  Most Turbo’s with 19,00 km’s should have about 20 rear tires by now!!

The seller wants lots of cash for this bike, but man are you really going to find one thats this nice?


1980 Kawasaki Z1R

Hi all!  The Olympics are over so I am back to posting. 

17 days in front of the TV, whew!

Here we have a  on Ebay, from Quebec. 

Manificient Kawasaki Z1R 1000 1980. Never bumped with original paint. This bike starts really well and ready for the road. I’m not the owner of that bike, I place that annoncement for my father-and-law who has this motorcycle for 5 years. If I missed anything you want to know about, please ask.  Please keep in mind Ebay charges me $100 when someone bids past the reserve, whether or not the transaction is actually completed.  If you do bid, please be 100% certain that you are authorized and committed to buying it. Check the bank account.  Check shipping.  Check other necessities.  Bidding is limited to buyers with paypal accounts.Send me a note if you are a serious buyer without Paypal and we will talk it over.  Please ask any questions about the bike or payment options with me before bidding to ensure we both end up happy. 

These  iconic Kawi’s were available from ’78-’80.  They came in black,  metallic silver and luminous dark red in the various years.   They were very cool for the era with the 1/4 fairing, 4 into 1 pipe, and triple disks.  The engine was the bullet-proof  Z-1 based motor now at 1015 cc’s. 

One quirky feature was the front brake. It had a cable operated master cylinder which was mounted in the fairing.  This was done because the fairing came so close to the handlebar that a regular master cylinder would not fit! 

Kawasaki also offered a turbo version, the Z1R-TC which was a beast, basically a stock Z1R with an American Turbo Pac kit. If they didn’t pull your arms off they would blow up! 

These bikes were not a sales success, but like the XLCR I listed previously a sales flop then makes a sought after bike now! 

If interested in a Z1R, look closely for rotting exhaust (if you are lucky enough to find one with stock exhaust) tank rot (around the emblems) rattly motors and engine smoke. 

These bikes are still just big ZED’s so engine, chassis, and regular maintenance parts are readily available. 

This bike looks good for a daily rider but certainly not mint, looks stock (save for the exhaust) would be a nice bike to enjoy as is, or a solid foundation to restore. 

My local dealer used to have a new one on the floor (black) which I drooled over, but I never bit! 


1977 XLCR on Ebay

Here we have Harley’s first attempt at a sport bike/cafe racer. This is the famous design of Willie G. Davidson, who took a regular Sportster and added all the cafe racer “must-haves” of the era: 1/4 fairing, long low tank, rearsets, drag bars and XR750 inspired  solo tailpiece.

The XLCR was to Harley Davidson what the Edsel was to Ford! They sat in the showrooms while customers bought regular Sportsters in droves!

If you wanted a bike that could handle the curves, accelerate like  a rocket, and stop on a dime, this bike would do none of the above!  LOL! But they are great to look at! Put it in your living room (with a drip pan underneath) and admire.

This bike looks like a good chance to buy in on the XLCR cult at the low end.

This bike listed has some faults including jumping out of gear and some smoking  on start up.

The owner claims to have over $9000 into it, so ask for receipts to prove these claims. Aside from the very hard to find cosmetics and siamese exhaust (which look good on this bike), these bikes are very easy to get parts for (basically a tarted up Sportster).

I loved (and still love) these bikes. I used to drool over the great ad’s Harley put in CyleWorld in ’77.  Cool bikes!!


1981 Yamaha RD350LC – Toronto


1981 Yamaha RD350LC for sale on Kijiji Toronto, ON.

The RD was never sold in the US, although many made into the country from Canada. The ultimate hooligan bike: 2-stroke, lots of smoke, lots of wheelies, lots of tickets. I’m very biased on these bikes as I have an ’82.

The RD is a great bike with all the great TZ-inspired features: 2 cylinder, 2-stroke, water cooled, monoshock, dual front discs. Most RD’s have had a very hard life but they all look fantastic from 10 feet away. It is the details that count.

This particular bike looks tidy, with lots of new parts and those iconic Allspeed pipes. It is not stock, but has some tasteful modifications, for example the ’83 RZ350 fairing and powder coating. The bike is listed with 30,000 KM’s, which is high, so would advise checking with owner regarding crank re-builds and top end history. The cylinders have some fading, which suggest it hasn’t been apart in a while. If travelling a long distance to see this bike, consider asking for some detailed pictures before making the journey. .

Price is $4500 (CDN.), which is a lot of money for this bike, but looks like the owner wasn’t shy about spending money on it.