BMW /2 Cyber Monday shopping

We decided here at CSBFS to celebrate Cyber Monday by highlighting a few items that you might want to stuff your stockings with. These are just a few parts that you might want to find under your holiday apparatus this winter. I will say that I am a BMW guy and therefore looked for parts made by one of the after market wonders of the time, Ernst Hoske, and luckily all from the same vendor.

Going from the front to the back, first up are these Hoske handlebars. Because the Earles Forks found on /2 BMW from 1955 until 1969 do not have normal front suspension, clip-ons are not an option.


new “Hoske” sport race handlebar set. Will be mounted on your fork plate. Fits all R50-69S models


Moving back along your BMW, you need to hold the gas, and a Hoske tank is not only large, but beautiful.


Hoske Sport RS V fuel tank. This isi the biggest one with 36 Liter ( 8 gallons) . Tank is new paint, hand made stripes. Comes with tool box cover and emblems Tank is in excellent condition. Very rare!


And once you have your BMW looking good, you need to make it sound good, with some Hoske Mufflers.

new chromed mufflers in “Hoske” design. Shipping fee see schedule below, valid for North America andCanada. Consolidated shipping possible.


Three bits that would go nicely on your R50, R60 or R69S, and the seller can combine ship. Happy shopping from your working day. BB

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