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1976 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

1976 Benelli 750 Sei L Front

I’m a huge fan of the Benelli Sei, warts and all: there just had to be a more elegant way to communicate vital information than that instrument panel… [see: below]  And, while I’d prefer the bigger 900cc version, they’re rare enough you have to pounce when you find a good deal.  This might be just such an opportunity.

The Benelli 750 Sei is a rare beast, a relic of a time when the smallish Italian manufacturer, fresh off a purchase by controversial Argentinean Alejandro De Tomaso [see: Maserati], was looking to prove a point to the Japanese Big Four, that they could produce a world-class, technological tour de force to rival anything on the road.  Obviously, a six cylinder makes for some packaging issues, and mechanical complexity that can lead to expensive service costs, so Benelli wasn’t after a layman’s bike, or something that was much good for back road scratching.  They made a luxurious, smooth and fast “gentleman’s express.”

1976 Benelli 750 Sei R Front

And the Sei excelled at that role, although it never sold well enough to threaten the Japanese, it was relatively well-received.  Testers at the time praised the smooth motor and exotic exhaust note, but were critical of the limited ground clearance, limited fuel capacity, and expensive price.  The 750cc version being sold here made 71hp and had a 5 speed transmission.  With a dry weight of 485 lbs, the bike was capable of 126mph.

1976 Benelli 750 Sei Clocks

From the original eBay listing: 1976 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

Legendary 6 cyclindar Benelli SEI. One of the most sought after collector bikes in the world.

  • Very Good condition, runs great. Ready to ride anywhere.
  • New Tires
  • Cleaned and adjusted Carbs
  • New Battery
  • All original, no junk replacement parts on this bike.
  • Not museum quality, but easily made that way.

I’d possibly challenge the statement that this is “one of the most sought after collector bikes”, but I do love that there are plenty of pictures posted and the bike looks very solid: for some reason, Benellis I find for sale seem to be photographed in a shed, at dusk, through a dirty window.  With cracks in it.

1976 Benelli 750 Sei R Side

There’s very little time left on the auction, and bidding is only at $5,000 with the reserve not met.  This bike looks solid and ready to ride, with simple and apparently minor cosmetic issues that you can work on while the bike is parked up for the winter.  I’m sure you won’t be sitting still much during the riding season…


1976 Benelli 750 Sei L Rear

1975 Benelli 650S for Sale

1975 Benelli 650S L Full

Today, we’ve got a relatively rare little parallel-twin machine from Benelli, a company more widely known for their four and six-cylinder machines.  Benelli was started in 1911 by Teresa Benelli as a way to keep her six sons employed and out of trouble. Originally, their shop repaired bicycles and motorcycles but by 1921, they’d released a machine powered by their own, in-house engine.

1975 Benelli 650S Dash

The Tornado 650 was introduced in 1969 and was intended to compete with the bigger offerings from Norton and Triumph in the US and Great Britain.  It was reliable and competitively quick, with a claimed top speed of 117mph.  This particular machine would have been among the very last, as the 650 was supersceded by Benelli’s four and six cylinder models in the mid 1970’s.

1975 Benelli 650S R Front

From the original eBay listing, in spectacular, very shouty all caps: 1975 Benelli Tornado 650S


While superficially similar to the British bikes it was intended to compete against, the Benelli Tornado 650 offered a slightly more refined feel and engineering sophistication.  On the down side, if you’re buying one today, a Norton or Triumph has a veritable phone book of custom, aftermarket, and NOS parts available, in addition to a strong network of builders and experts to help you keep your ride running or customize it to taste.   Benellis are rare ducks, and it might be a bit harder to find support and parts for them.

1975 Benelli 650S R Engine

There may not be really anything to set this Benelli apart from its British contemporaries in terms of outright performance, but there is something to be said for owning something just a bit unusual, and while this Benelli may not shout out its individuality, its still a classy machine.


1975 Benelli 650S L Detail

1983 Benelli 900 Sei for Sale

1983 Benelli 900 Sei Front

It’s really been raining Benelli the past couple weeks!  This week, there’s a very solid, but slightly neglected 1983 Benelli 900 Sei for sale in New Jersey.  The 900 was a development of the 750 Sei introduced in 1972 as a flagship model for Benelli, a sophisticated tour de force of engineering and style, a classic “gentleman’s express” of a motorcycle intended to show that Benelli could compete with the Japanese manufacturers.

The 750cc six-cylinder motor was supposedly heavily influenced by Honda’s CB550 four cylinder engine, with two cylinders grafted on to create the first road-going inline six motorcycle.  In 1979, displacement increased to 906cc and the single over head cam engine made 80hp.  While this wasn’t world-shattering performance at the time, the multi was extremely smooth with a wide powerband.

1983 Benelli 900 Sei L rear

Note the interesting duplex chain intended to handle the displacement/power increase of the larger motor.

From the original eBay listing: 1983 Benelli 900 Sei

This bike has not been driven in almost 20 years. Was running when I stopped driving it. I did not plan to stop driving it, and did not drain the carbs. It would need work to get it back to it’s former glory. It’s been siting in the back of a dry place and has little rust. This bike sounds like no other,I lent it to a friend once and had to chase him down for days and he left his new bike with me. It sounds that good. The bikes has a small rip in the fairing and the carbs need work so i am selling this as a non running bike. I’m sure in can be fixed, but if I fixed it I would drive it and I would be rite back on it again.

1983 Benelli 900 Sei Dash

There’s not much information here, and the seller refers to the bike as a “Sci” which doesn’t do much to increase buyer confidence.  With bidding still below $4,000, this might be a great way to pick one of these up at a bargain price, but anyone getting into a six-cylinder Italian exotic should be prepared to spend money putting a bike like this right.

With luck, a simple carburetor rebuild should get this classic machine back on the road.


1983 Benelli 900 Sei R Engine

1978 Benelli 500 Quattro Race Replica for Sale

1978 Benelli 500 Quattro Front R

As with so many classic makers of wonderful, evocative machines, Benelli has almost been forgotten.  Which is especially ironic, since they’re still technically making bikes.  Weird, butch triples with acid-trip styling and impossible to obtain parts, sure.  But they’re still making them.

Classic Benellis were less gratuitously odd, but still very desirable machines, and it’s a shame they’ve been largely forgotten: Benelli is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers, starting in Pesaro in 1911 the company was started by the widowed mother of six sons, who was hoping to insure stable employment for her family.  Initially Benelli was just a repair shop, but they introduced their first new motorcycle in 1919 and, with Tonino Benelli riding, the firm won a number of championships in the late 1920’s.

Racing was put on the back burner in the immediate postwar period, and the production of small-displacement, inexpensive motorcycles took precedence to get the Italian nation back on its feet.

Benelli had a great deal of success in small displacement racing with championships in the European, GP, and Tourist Trophy series in the 250 and, to a lesser extent 350 classes.  Early machines were single-cylinder, but in 1960 a 250 four with a six-speed box was created to remain competitive with Japanese machines, although it didn’t race until 1962.  Eventually, 7 and 8 [?!] speed gearboxes were introduced to increase speed, but the bikes didn’t have much real success until 1968.

1978 Benelli 500 Quattro Dash

The bike being offered is based on the 4-cylinder street Benelli that displaced 500cc and was rumored to be heavily based on the Honda CB motor.

From the original eBay listing: 1978 Benelli 500 Quattro for Sale

1978 Benelli 500cc, 4 cyl.,  motorcycle.  Fully restored to resemble a 1960’s road race GP bike.  Many many unique parts are on this bike.  The engine has 29mm CR carbs, pipes are hand formed along with the alloy tank and sidecovers by Evan Wilcox….metal former geniusCerianni RR foks, Grimeca 4LS brake, . Converted to kick start only, not electric. rearsets, clipons, leather saddle….all the right parts.  rides great, powerful.  Lucas Rita electronic ignition. No doubt, one of a kind.

Bike will be sold WITHOUT sidepanels and front fender.  They are personalized and autographed FOR me….again.  No front fender OR sidecovers are included.  You will need to fabricate your own!

Mileage?  limited since restoration.  low miles, but I’m unsure how many.  Now has speedometer in addition to the scitsu tach.   Questions:?  just ask.  Inspections welcome in central NJ.  no test rides….sorry…..

1978 Benelli 500 Quattro L Engine Detail

The seller is looking for at least $9,100.00 for this interesting beast, with no takers and 2 days left on the auction.  That seems a bit high for a well-maintained but pretty heavily modified Benelli 500 Quattro, even if the modifications are extremely well done and in very good taste.  It’s a very cool machine, so maybe the seller will consider offers?


1978 Benelli 500 Quattro R Rear

1978 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

1978 Benelli 750 Sei

Six-cylinder bikes are not designed with practicality in mind: they’re expensive to engineer and manufacture, present significant packaging issues whether inline or vee engines, are often very thirsty, and difficult to maintain.  But as a statement, as a flagship model, as a simple finger [middle or otherwise] in the face of your competition, they can’t be beat.

1978 Benelli 750 Sei R Side

The Benelli Sei first appeared in 1972 as a 750cc machine, with a 900cc version following in 1978.  The Sei was developed while Benelli was owned by Alejandro De Tomaso [of Pantera and Maserati fame] as a statement of bold intent to the Big Three Japanese manufacturers that his firm could compete with them in terms of engineering ability, although the Sei was relatively unexceptional in most regards, excepting its spectacularly smooth and exotic motor.

The 750cc version made about 71hp and was capable of 126mph, but it was heavy and expensive, with limited cornering clearance.

1978 Benelli 750 Sei Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1978 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

This is a 1978 Benelli 750 sei. 100% original, 100% complete (only missing one reflector on the front right signal housing) Showing only 4323 miles on the odometer. Bike had been sitting for many years. Got some fresh fuel to the carbs and it wants to run, though only on choke. This bike will need to be gone through. Electric start and lights/switches/signals work as they should. Gauge cluster is cracked at mounts. Brakes work, rotors have some rust but will clean up fine. Tires are original Perrelli and will need to be replaced. Most of the chrome has pitting, some rather deep. Fenders are real clean. Pipes are all very solid with some pitting, heavy on lower left pipe. Front spokes have some rust. Paint is all original and in very nice condition but not perfect, NO dents or dings. Inside of fuel tank has some rust, still very usable but will need a good cleaning. Seat is very nice. Tool tray under seat has a small piece broken from it. Overall this bike is in good original condition. It would be perfect for a full restoration as all the parts are there. Or, go through it, clean it up, and have an original rider.

1978 Benelli 750 Sei R Tank

Here’s a good clip of a Sei running, to give you an idea what these Benellis can sound like when set up properly.

This particular machine needs some work, but it seems like work worth doing: the bike appears to be complete and very original.  I’m sure the carbs will require some pretty serious money and/or time to put right, but this looks like it could easily become a nice rolling restoration.

There’s definitely a Benelli Sei in my fantasy garage, so I’ll be watching this auction to see where it ends up.


1978 Benelli 750 Sei L Rear

My Dad always called the place Monkey Wards but I never saw a monkey there: 1969 Wards Riverside Benelli Cobra

1969 Wards Riverside for sale

When I was kid Montgomery Wards was at the mall and they sold TV’s, clothes, tools and other necessaries for the common Merican. I liked going there but only because trips up town with my Dad were funny. He never used the right words for anything. He replace the correct words with similar words and I giggled every time. Here’s something I never saw at Monkey Wards though. If I knew these were there I would have begged to go. In the late 60’s and early 70’s the Italians were making some of the sexiest motorcycles in history and rebranding them with any name the distributors wanted. Did you know you could buy a whole house from Sears? Yeah, and when you arrived at your newly purchased sears built house with all sears appliances a Sears branded Benelli could be sitting in the garage. You could just order it out of a catalog. Amazon? You paying attention?

This particular Wards bike is a very desirable bike among collectors and is priced very fairly with it’s BIN.

1969 Wards Riverside for sale on eBay


From the seller…

Selling a rare and mint condition 1969 Binelli Cobra 125cc,This bike condition from 1-10 is an easy 9.A beautiful Italian cafe bike that was produced in Italy but sold by Montgomery Wards hence the name Wards Riverside.

Click here to check out the auction




Had to post this. It has the word “sport” right in the name. Also, these are pretty special bikes. I have recently started gaining knowledge of 1960’s Italian bikes. The more I learn the more I like them. These bikes are a perfect example of form and function blended together to make a very sporting small cc bike. I know 125cc’s probably don’t come to mind when you think and race bikes. In the beginning or road racing though small cc races were every bit competitive and translated to sales for the motorcycle companies that could consistently win. The Italians were a big part of that time period.

1969 Benelli 125 Sport Special for sale on eBay

The seller is to the point:

  A very nice original 1969 BENELLI 125 SPORT SPECIAL 125. This is a fairly hard to find model and is one of the best Italian motorcycles of the sixties. Overhead valve 4 stroke. 5 speed. A FAST 125!!

    Original factory paint. Correct Radaelli Aimon Sport rims. New exhaust system. Good running and riding condition.  Speedo reads 11625 kms (approx 7220 miles).

    Clear California title in my name.

    You are welcome to visit in Tarzana (San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles). 

    Can crate and ship to most major US cities for approx $300 depending on distance.

Even if you aren’t interested in small cc bikes this one needs to be seen. Everything about this bike flows into the next. Also if you want to see a small bike go for big money this one is something to see.


1973 Benelli 650S Tornado for Sale

Here’s a classy little ride.  We cover a lot of twins on this site: Ducatis and Nortons and Triumphs and Guzzis, even a few Laverdas.  But Benelli made some really nice twins in the late 60’s and early 70’s as well.

The Benelli Tornado 650 offers a very Italian take on the big-bore parallel twin experience: they handle well, stop well, and are revvier than a contemporary British bike.  They don’t really offer any additional outright performance when compared to Triumphs and Nortons, but they’re sporty and sweet-handling, with some idiosyncratic quirks: note the odd footpeg rubbers designed to reduce the vibration being transferred to the riders’ feet.

From the original eBay listing: 1973 Benelli 650S Tornado.

Selling my 1973 Benelli Tornado 650S motorcycle.  Original condition, not a fully restored motorcycle.  650cc parallel twin, electric and kick-start.  Just cleaned and polished and serviced.  New wheel bearings (4 on the rear, 2 in the front), plugs and front / rear Bridgestone Battlaxe tires.  Tank cleaned and “red-kote” coated (thats why the fuel in the filters is tinted orange color! – – this will eventually stop).  New gas hoses and cleaned carbs.

In its life, the right sidecover was repainted along with the rear tail light bracket. Seat pan was cleaned and painted along with some nicks/scratches here and there.  All other paint and chrome work is original to the bike  Its is a very fine example of an unrestored nearly 40 yr. old motorcycle.  the seat has a small scuff (~ 2×2″) on the left side rear corner.  there is also a small scrape on the left side muffler end.  its cosmetic, and should be visible in the picture.  This Tornado has all the correct original parts.  It starts easily on the kick start cold, and with the touch of the electric button, when warm.  the battery is older and smalled than it should be, thats why its tough to start cold on the electric start.  You should upgrade and replace the battery.

This one appears to be in excellent, well-maintained and original condition.  For someone looking to get something a little different, this might be a real peach.


1975 Benelli 500 Corsa Replica Pasolini

The great thing about being a Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiast is that a great industry has developed over the years to support your desires. As a youth you may have dreamed of riding the latest, greatest GP bikes shown every month in your chosen motorcycle magazine. Today you can come really darn close. This Benelli 500 Corsa Replica offered up on eBay appears to be a made to order Grand Prix replica from the early  1970’s.

 From the seller

BENELLI 500 CORSA REPLICA PASOLINI FORSALE. Designed and manufactured by the work-shop expecialists in the BENELLI CLUB OF SPAIN, using original Italian and Spanish components. As you can see by the pics some options can be made: Front twin 300mm Brembo, front Ceriani replica 230mm drum and frontFontanareplica 250mm drum. Rear I can fit the original Benelli Grimeca 200mm with single or twin cam or a Ceriani 210mm twin cam. Front fork is a Showa 35mm, internally and externally adapted for racing use or the Ceriani racing 35mm.

Benelli did race, and had great success during the 1960’s with 350cc and smaller bikes. Riders  like Renzo Pasolini and Tarquinio Provini were able to win Italian Champianships, and success on the Isle of Man by Kel Carruthers in 1969 gave Benelli a World Championship. But with the arrival of the Japanes bikes it took investment from outside ofItalyto develop the 500cc Quattro which is at the center of this Corsa Replica. A 500cc 4 cylinder with a single overhead cam that look very much like the bikes they were competing against to stay alive.

More from the seller

The engine (Benelli 500Quattro 1975)  is upgraded to 60Hp, using Corsa big bore pistons, Corsa tunned head, Corsa stage 1 cam, bigger carbs, digital electronic ignition, oil cooler etc. Engine with 75HP is available under special order for 3.000 euros extra cost, including Corsa stage 2 cam (300º), full Corsa head with bigger valves, lightned and balanced crank, 28mm Mikuni carbs etc. A close ratio gear box can 5 speed be made under order.The prices are from 9.000 euros for the twin disc version (pics), 10.500 euros for the Ceriani 230mm front drum (pics) and 12.500 euros for the Fontana bike option (pics). The bike with full power engine has 3.000 euros extra price, so the bike with 250Fontanaat the front and 210 Ceriani at back will cost 15.500 euros. World wide delivery. Shipping cost to USA is 1200 euros, to Atlantic cost.

Make it not so loud

Megaphones are unsilenzed but a set of curved internal silencers can be furnished. The bike is prepared only for circuit or parade show use, but under order a version for road use can be delivered, including complete wiring loom, generator, dash board, speedo, front headlamp, tail light, horn and indicators. That option increase the price 1.500 euros.

This looks like a very impressive motorcycle with styling from the Grand Prix bikes of the 1970’s. The technology of today has been used to replicate the top of the line names from the past. Gremeca, Ceriani, Brembo, and Fontana were all the S%!T in days gone by, but now you can buy these old designs brand new without having to hunt down originals. This Benelli Corsa Replica has taken a 500cc street bike and styled it after a Grand Prix bike of the 1970’s. And from the sellers description, there is room to grow and improve with a little extra cash. BB

1971 Bennelli Tornado

The Bennelli name is not as widespread in the United States as other Italians. That is of course if you don’t know the connection between Montgomery Ward and Bennelli. In the days of mail order catalogs, the huge company that was Montgomery Wards offered a small, re-badged Bennelli for America. This Bennelli Tornado offered up on eBay is not that kind of Bennelli.

From the seller.

First year Tornado with the huge Grimeca double twin leading shoe hub, original unrestored low mileage motorcycle. This has the old style Italian tank, much more aesthetically pleasing than the “modern” tanks that followed. This bike is sold with Canadian registration and import papers. Very few of these bikes were sold in America and even fewer survive today. This bike runs very well, shifts well and of course stops well.

This Italian has a 642cc of hugely over square 84mm by 58mm engine. Its two 29mm VHB Dell’ortos, the 8.0:1 CR create 52hp at 7200rpm. But what  road tests of the period are leading me to believe is that 7200rpm is a long way from the usable power this bike generated. The large bore and inertia created by the stout engine (the complete bike weighs in at 407lbs) create a very un-Italian like ride. Stable at high speed appear not by design, but by weight.

As the seller points out the Grimeca four leading shoe brake is the highlight of this sale. It may not be the lightest weight front brake, but with four pads working for you, it is a bonus. Bennelli started out in 1911 as a repair shop, started by the mother of 6 boys hoping it would keep them out of trouble. By 1920 they had build there own machine, and of course they took it racing. They did well. Then the there was war, and more war, and then the Japanese entering into motorcycle production, and the previously mentions mail order motorcycles.

By 1973 the company had been purchased by and Argentine, Alejandro de Tomaso, and new blood was pumped into the Bennelli name. The Tornado was a motorcycle that came at a cross roads for the company and you can bid on a part of its history. It is Italian, it is red, and it can be yours. BB