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1965 Bultaco Metralla MK2


There is a huge interest in 2-stroke sports bike, and this can be seen by the response we get here on CSBFS and our sister site RSBFS. The bikes that get the most attention are the big names Japanese bikes that have proven race heritage. But I think that many people are unaware of the Bultaco and there success in Grand Prix racing. (1967 Isle of Man 250cc production winners with an 88mph average) They may not have stood on the top step of the podium often, and were later pushed off the podium all together when the Japanese manufactures really started to dominate. But this 1965 Bultaco Metralla MK2 has a racing pedigree, and I think will soon dominate collectors want lists soon.

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From the seller

I purchased this 1965 BULTACO METRALLA MK2 32 YEARS AGO from a collector friend in Barcelona (Spain). I rode around Spain for a week and also participated in a rally in the Pyrenees organized by the Catalunya Motorcycle Club. The route chart is still stuck on the gas tank!  My friend who was riding a Montesa 175 was hit by a car and he had to ride back with 5 broken ribs nearly 100 miles on the back of my Metralla to the hospital in Barcelona!!

I imported the bike to the US in 1983 and rode it a few times before putting it in my motorcycle collection. This is harder to find European model with smaller headlight and clip on bars. (“Europa” model).

The Metralla 250 MK2 is an excellent motorcycle and fast for it’s day. A friend in a car clocked me many years ago at over 85mph sitting upright. 27 b.h.p. (same as a Triumph 500 Speed Twin!)

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I was able to find numbers that match what the seller gives: 27.6hp at 7500rpm giving a top speed of 100mph from the 244.3cc, 5-speed 2-stroke. Apparently the carburetion for the Metralla grew through the years, starting with a 27mm unit and ending with a 32mm Amal Concentrick MK1. Bultaco used a separate oil tank with a manual pump to measure the appropriate gas to oil mixture. Fill the tank with gas, pump the appropriate number of times, and oil would mix with the gas in the tank. This and the fully enclosed chain were features that added to the simplicity which Bultaco added to your 2-stroke pleasures.

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How many people have thought about flying to a foreign land, buying a motorcycle, and hitting the road? This seller tells of how they did just that, and the proof is still laminated to the tank. Would you crate this 1965 Bultaco Metralla MK2 up after you bought it and send it back to the Pyrenees for a tour? BB

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1968 Bultaco TSS 125cc


125cc is really small, but this 1968 Bultaco TSS 125cc racer will ride a little bit bigger I would imagine. A factory bike given to a Factory rider? Mollory campaigned a 125cc, 250cc and 350cc Bultaco in 1968. When you look Ginger Molloy up in Wikipedia you do see he rode a Bultaco to 3rd place in 1968. And that is with only three finishes. With the 250cc and 350cc he recorded 6 finishes for a 5th place and 3 finishes for a 5th place respectively.

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 From the seller

This motorcycle has been restore by Ginger Molloy. Frame, petrol and faring have been repainted to 

Original owner.  Ginger was placed third on this motorcycle in the 125cc FIM World Championships. Purchaser would also receive the FIM medal won by Ginger.
This bike is a factory prepared works Bultaco that has been in my possession since 1968.
Shipping and payment:  Ginger will arrange crating and shipping through Jenner Cargo, or other shipping firm selected by purchaser.

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So this 1968 Bultaco TSS 125cc bike spent time in New Zealand were you would have to ship it from. But also traveled to Spain, the Netherlands’ and Ireland. It doesn’t appear to have made it to the Isle of Man, as no results for Molloy in the 125, 250, or 350 classes. I have been seeing a lot of racing Bultaco’s coming up for Auction. This 1968 Bultaco TSS 125cc is the only one I remember to have a rider and results attached to it. Bultaco was in at the beginning of the 2-stroke evolution in Grand Prix racing. They did not dominate, but they did show up on the Podium, and now is your chance to throw a leg over one of those podium finishers. When will you be able to do that again? BB 

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1966 Bultaco Mercurio 175

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There seems to be a trend with listings, were the seller leaves it all up to the buyer to figure out exactly what you are bidding on. This 1966 Bultaco Mercurio is given just a brief description, and left at that. There are those out there that know what a Mercurio is, and what it means as a Bultaco, but I would guess that 8 out of 10 of you have no idea what this is. And it doesn’t help with the BMW gas tank on it.


From the seller

hello, selling my 1966 bultaco mercurio 175. it as a cool gas tank user on vintage bmw and seat they are fiberglass. trick wheels and hubs, 4 speed trans, runs good, there is no title. built this bike 5 years ago

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What I was able to find out about the Mercurio is not much of anything. There appears to be some information on Spanish sites, but for English speakers there is very little information. It appears to be a 2-stroke, 175cc with a single cylinder and carburetor. Other then that, I am going to leave it to you the reader, and the buyers who do deeper research on this 1966 Bultaco Mercurio. On a side note, I am sure there would be BMW owners who would line up to purchase the tank currently on this Bultaco if you wanted to go for a different look. BB

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1965 Bultaco TSS water cooled


If you missed out on this 1963 Bultaco TSS road racer we had highlighted early, you now have a chance at another TTS. This 1965 Bultaco TSS 250cc water cooled racer is now for sale from Japan.


From the seller

1965 Bultaco TSS 250 Watercool. Bike was in museume past 15years. Frame and engine no. does match. I do not have any doccument but I heard EX-owner was Jim Redman. Bike has compression and sift thru all gear. Will help worldwide shiping. Shipping will be $1500(crate, fright, doc fee, export custom) to CarsonCA.



The seller doesn’t really give an idea of how the bike has spend its last years. Just looking at the bike, it may have just been in the back of someones garage after coming off the track. Check out the the Gardner carb.


As noted with the previous 125cc TSS, these Spanish smokers could put out some horse power. Not to the level that came just a few years later from Japan, but still enough to put it too 4 stroke bike to get to the podium on a International level in both GP and Endurance events.


So if you really want a TSS, this 1965 Watercooled 250cc model if not the pinnacle of Bultaco’s road racing developement, this its sure close, but you need to be quick. BB


1963 Bultaco TSS Road Racer






The seller has re-posted this bike in the last couple of weeks. We had first shown it back in November. Winters are hard to sell bikes, hoping with the sun the seller will find a buyer, and a buyer will take this TSS out to the track. BB


The Spanish Bultaco is know in the US as the maker of small displacement off road bike. In the Western states on any day a small 2-stroke, knobby tired bike which hasn’t been out of the shed in years is available for sale. What you will not find very often in the states is Bultaco’s offering to the road racers. This 1963 Bultaco TSS is a two stroke race bike, blue smoke, fairing and all.

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From the seller

Bultaco TSS Raod Racer.  Very very Limited production. Most consider them hand made. 274 were produced between 1963 and 1969.. This ia a six speed Model 6 Air cooled 125cc TSS raod racer. Comes with Full fairing. Sand cast motor showing how it was done “in the Day”. A hugh piece of History for Motorcycling when Bultaco was:” King ” of roadracing.

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Bultaco built their road racing bikes from 1960 through 1970, and offered it up in displacement from 125cc to 350cc. The company and its TSS were seen on the World Championship cuircuit from 1961 through 1969, first in the 125cc class, later racing the 250cc class racing  at a displacement disadvantage because of its 196cc displacement. Racing at the  24 hours of Barcelona, and the Grand Prix of France, Germany and Italy, they didn’t stand on the top step of the podium very often, but were competitive.

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As the seller stats this is an air cooled 125cc, but in 1965 Bultaco was able to add a radiator and water circulation. The air cooled 125cc were able to generate  20hp at 10,300rpm, but through development and the addition of the water jackets, the 125cc was later able to produce 27hp at 11,000 rpm. and by the end of production , 29hp at 11,500rpm was reached by this little 125cc smoker from Spain.

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Though the Bultaco TSS does not appear on most American’s radar today, in the 1960’s  Bo Behring was able to take 3rd place in the 1964 Grand Prix of the United States at Daytona in the  250cc class. Before the Japanese dominated 2-stroke Grand Prix racing, this 1963 Bultaco TSS smoker was world class, and can now be yours. BB

(PS for those of our readers in the Southern Hemisphere, here is a Water Cooled ex-factory 250cc TSS for sale)

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1965 Bultaco TSS


Two words that you don’t often see together are Spanish 2-stroke. You may hear them occasionally out in the wood, along a dirt trail, followed by a trail of blue smoke. You hear them very rarely at the track, and I don’t know how many times you might hear those two words spoken with a Japanese accent. This 1965 Bultaco TSS in full race gear is offered up by a seller in Japan, so traveling from Spain, to Japan, and then your home will put some miles on this 2-stroke.


From the seller

1965 Bultaco TSS 250cc. Bike was in Museum past 20yaers.  Frame and Engine no. do match (F/N : B-600549, E/N : M600549 D-6) . This is racing bike so does not have title. Ex-owner(museum) bought this bike from famous GP rider Mr. Jim Redman. But I do not have and document or history. Will help world wide shipping by buyers cost. I guess US$1,500- from Japan to CA USA for shipping, crate and Japanese side custom fee. I will charge 5% sales tax for buyer in Japan.


Doing a search for information on the Bultaco TSS is not working out too well. There are some recollections by others about what they heard back in the day. These people say the 1968 TSS factory engine would produce 42hp at 10,500 rpm. This from a 250cc, water cooled 2-stroke, and attached to a factory 6 speed? Not bad. In one of the pictures you can see what appears to be a Gardner Carburetor, a very interesting design and history. What I have heard about the Gardner is that it works well in 2 positions. When the engine is off, or when it is wide open. Great for wide open tracks, or the drag strip, but troublesome most other situations.


Another anecdote I found, tells of a factory rider having to use their tea pot to warm the water used in the radiator, because the engine would not warm up properly before a race if you started with cold water. 2-stoke motors of the time were know to lock up at the most inappropriate times, but during warm up? I know that there are vintage races around the world, where old GP 2-strokes come out to race. But how many are stuck in museums because there is not someone who know what it takes to get these bikes running, and insure that they are not damaged.


The seller states that the bike has been in a museum for over 20 years. From the pictures it looks like it may have been rolled up onto its display from the last race. For the new owner, I don’t think it will be as easy as adding gas, oil and water to get this bike up and going. I always lust after the factory bikes, but know that if I were to buy this 1965 Bultaco TSS, it would have to come with a factory technician for me to really enjoy it. BB

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1967 Bultaco Metralla

As many people know there was a time in motorcycle history when the 2-stroke was King. Any company that had any desire to compete and win, offered a bike that would scream load and send up clouds of blue smoke. Bultaco was a company who competed, and this Metralla offered up on eBay now is a road bike from a company known for its off road bikes.

From the seller

The Metralla’s were produced in very small numbers and were the street legal version of the Bultaco’s road racer. They outperformed much larger bikes and will top out at over 110mph. They are Simply on of the most beautiful motorcycles ever produced. This motorcycle starts, and runs as nice as when new, it is exceptional and too nice to be used except on special occasions, yearly cruses and for shows and display purposes. You may never see another of these again in this shape. I restored this bike with all the best parts and NOS when ever possible. Super fun and super fast. Front and rear tires are the correct Avon SpeedMaster 18”, the pipe is road race spec. Seat is a café style lather, Custom Rear-Sets, Tommaselli Bars and Throttle assembly, Matador levers, Red Wing rear shocks, Regina drive chain.

The Spanish firm Bultaco had made their name in light, 2 stroke off road bikes. Started by Francisco Bulto in 1958 after Montesa Motorcycles, in which he was a director, closed its racing department. Bulto invited what was left of Montesa racing department to his new company and set to making winning motorcycles. With victories in International Six Day Trials in 1968 and 1970, Bultaco had a very large presence in America with their off road offering. What Bultaco did not offer to the US market were its bikes based on its road racing entrants.

The Metralla was offered as a road going version of its racing TSS model. Numbers I have been able to find show a 250lb bike being pushed along by a 32hp 2-stroke. This was good to push this 250cc bike over 100mph. A unique feature of Bultaco 2-strokes are the way which they metered oil/gas mixture. Instead of having to pre-mix, or having a complicated oil jet system, the Spanish company had and oil tank with a plunger. Every time you filled the tank, you would give a couple plunges, and oil would be pumped into the tank.

The seller believes that this Metralla offered up on eBay is too nice to ride. I don’t think that there are any bikes to good to ride. In fact this bike is such a nice Bultaco it needs to be ridden.  Put on a full fairing, clip-ons, rear sets and go out to your local track and enter it in to win. BB

Bultaco Metralla

If you have heard the name Bultaco before you would likely have heard it in reference to dirt bikes from the 1970’s. Because the rest of the world thinks that the US is one big off road park, every manufacture in the world developed a 2-stroke dirt bike to sell to riders in America. What we have missed out on are some of the road racing bikes that those same dirt bike manufactures made. This Bultaco Metralla offered here on eBay is an example of the Spanish two-stroke road bike.

In 1958 this Spanish company was started by Senior Bultó after the Montesa motorcycle company withdrew from racing. Within months of forming Bultaco, their new Tralla 101 took 7 of the first 10 places of the Spanish Grand Prix, a the tradition for road racing was started, I just wish that tradition made it to the US.

From the Seller

            This auction is for a street legal two stroke1958 Bultaco Metralla RoadRacer with 1420 miles on it.  Frame # 2300861 engine number M-2303135. I was told that this particular model is 50 out of 250 made and was actually raced – I believe it is a 250 cc.  I’m not quite sure what’s different between this model and others since they look the same.  I am selling the Bultaco because after 10 years of owning it I have only ridden it once and still not restored it as planned

This Metrella appears to be a Mk1 from 1968 not 1958 that the seller states. I was only able to find performance specs for the later Mk2, so adjust the 27hp at 7500rpm down a little for the 1968 Mk1 model should still get you a 100mph 250 lbs bike. And with Endurance Championship in 1966 and Production Isle of Man winners for 1967 you can see the potential that the Spanish 2 stoke holds.

From the seller

The motorcycle is non-restored, even the seat and chrome is original. The handle bars and controls are not the original ones and it is missing the lock to the oil pump cover.   There is a box of parts and service manual that come with the motorcycle, please refer to pictures. It was last started and rode four years ago and it has one hell of a kick back on the kick start – some serious compression there!  It runs with absolutely no piston slap and shifts through the gears smoothly

When ever I look at these Spanish bikes I see a road legal, 2 stroke bike with potential. What I would like to see is this bike with a full fairing, huge expansion chamber, and dual headlights screaming around the track for hours and hours. This auction is for a project, but a project that has great up-side. You will not see a lot of these come up for sale, so if you want to own something  unusual this is your chance. BB