Chilean Classics

When I think of motorcycles around the world I usually think of the home countries manufactures bike dominating the landscape. UJN’s riding all over Tokyo, Ducati’s screaming down the narrow Italian city streets, and British twins along country lanes. So when I think of a county like Chile, all I can imagine are scooters, and dirt bikes. I cannot think of an original Manufacture from South America, so I think utility, and not leisure. But as a reader in Chile points out with an email full of links, there are more options on offer.

Starting with a small 150cc 1958 MV Agusta.  It may be that my Spanish is none existent, but there is limited information on the bike other then the year, make and engine size. I think it might by a GT from 1958. As we have shown these small, early MV Agusta’s, they are the bikes that started MV on their history of winning. The road bikes, as well as their race bikes may have been small in displacement, but they were not small on styling or performance.

The second bike that our reader points to is this 1956 T100 Triumph. Doing a little research it appears that there was a time in the 1950’s when South America Was very cash rich and because of this, lots of leisure activities were popular. One of the most popular was racing anything with a motor. South Americans produced, and continue to produce, great drivers and riders. This is because of a rich tradition of motorsports, and apparently those fans bought bikes and cars from around the world. This T100 looks to be a nice survivor, ready for a nice long ride north or south, not so much east and west travel space in Chile.

The last bike that our friend in Chile pointed out was another Triumph, this one another 500cc, but in Speed Twin trim. During the 1950’s and up until 1969 the major medium for racing motorcycles was the 500cc Senior bikes. All major events were limited to the half liter, and major manufactures self limited their top offering to 500cc. Around the world, the largest engines you would find was 500cc, and this Speed Twin looks to have survived with a little help.

There have always been Motorcycles in every corner of the planet. Often times the makes and models tell you a little bit of the history of the area. If I were to look at the offerings listed on this Chilean webpage, I would say that Chile has a long and strong history of motorcycling. That is a good thing for a fan of the Classic Sports Bikes. We are grateful for our readers around the world, and thankful that they have the opportunities to own some of the same bikes we highlight here on CSBFS. If you would like to share some great Classics Bikes For Sale, check us out on Facebook, and share your links. BB

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