Clean Commando: 1969 Dunstall Norton 750

1969 Norton Dunstall R Front

Today, we have a very clean Dunstall Commando 750 . The seemingly modular nature of British motorcycles of the 1960’s allowed for a dizzying number of permutations: compact singles and parallel twins from Norton and Triumph fitted to frames from either manufacturer, with non-unit gearboxes that allowed additional installation flexibility… And that’s before outside companies like Dunstall and Rickman got into the act, with purpose-built racing and road machines so different from the donor bikes that they were sometimes considered manufacturers in their own right.

1969 Norton Dunstall L side

After getting his start customizing and then racing a Norton Dominator in the late 1950’s, mating the twin-cylinder engine with a Norton Manx gearbox and frame, Paul Dunstall parlayed his unlikely success with the hybrid machine into a business producing a range of tuning parts for British twins.

Instead of focusing on frames like other British businesses, Paul Dunstall tuned engines and offered a range of bolt-on parts to improve performance, as well as completely built machines based on various British brands.

1969 Norton Dunstall Dash

Although complete bikes fit into general “levels” of performance and customization, there were many options in the Dunstall catalog, and no two bikes are exactly alike. This particular bike has twin discs at the front, although the seller does mention that the original drum is included with the sale, so you can make that switch to old-school aesthetics if you like. The twin-disc set up was available from Dunstall, so the current set up is period-correct and should provide reliable stopping if you plan to ride rather than display the bike.

1969 Norton Dunstall L Foot Control

The original listing includes details from the build sheet regarding the engine and options for the rest of the machine: 1969 Dunstall Norton Commando for Sale

Here we have a Genuine Dunstall 750 Commando that that received a complete restoration early this year.  I purchased this bike from the original owner who in 1981 completely disassembled it.  It remained in boxes since 81′ until I rescued it in 2011.  This is an original bike that was ordered from Dunstall’s 1968-1969 Catalogue.  I have the original build sheet that was provided to the new owner upon purchase.  You will also see a picture from a motorcycle magazine in the UK that featured a 69′ 750 Dunstall just like this one.
First I want to say that corners were not cut during this EXTENSIVE AND ALSO EXPENSIVE restoration.  These early frames had a weak spot where the top frame meets the neck.  They would crack and the factory had a recall on them.  This frame was not one of the bikes that received the upgrade so I had a professional welder do this.  Pictures of the upgrade are also available (before and after).  I replaced the red plastic brake lines for more modern braided lines.  Plastic red lines are also included.  Also included is the original early Dunstall Decibel 2-2 exhaust system. These are very rare and earlier than the famous 2-1-2 system.  They were originally black so I had the mufflers ceramic coated.  The pipes need new nuts and collars soldered back on.  They are are in pristine condition.  The seat covers still wears the original leather on top.  I had my upholstery guy remake a new cover using the original top side leather.
 all sides and red bead are new.
1969 Norton Dunstall Rear Hub
With five days left and bidding up to $7,900, there’s still plenty of time to get in on the action, and I’d expect bidding to go a good bit higher: this bike is in excellent condition and represents a high-water-mark for Dunstall in terms of style and performance. While Dunstall continued into the 1970’s and added Japanese manufacturers to its range, the Norton-based machines have a definite cachet.


1969 Norton Dunstall Cockpit

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6 Responses

  1. Billy G says:

    Wow this must be the only bike in existence with so much documentation. It’s so hard to put a price on something like this but I expect it to go in the high 20’s or 30’s, or higher. . Wonder what the seller has for a reserve.

  2. Jess says:

    The brake caliper mountings are pretty slick! I wonder what make the calipers are? The balanced, decibel exhaust system looks rather crude though, with the flex connector pipe and reduced diameter header pipes. I would like to know what P. Dunstall’s design ideas were for this system? If this Dunstall Norton could get high $20’s or $30’s, i wonder what a real Norton Commando “yellow peril” production racer will bring dollar wise?

  3. Billy G says:

    They are Lyster calipers and were a Dunstall option for the Norton’s and Triumphs in the late 60’s.

    I’ve seen the complete Lyster setup sell for around 2k. One more thing that makes this bike special is that according to the serial number provided by the seller. #127900 is one of the very first Commandos made in 1968. So this is not a 1969 as stated in the description and title.

  4. Billy G says:

    It’s currently at 20k

  5. Jess says:

    Billie G. What can you tell me about the Dunstall Decibel exhaust offered with this Norton and how it was designed?

  6. Billy G says:

    In the 69′ Dunstall catalog you will find the 2-2 Decibel exhaust with the option to order them in chrome or a black wrinkle finish as the set in the auction. If my mind serves me correctly I recall Colin Lyster and PD were responsible for the design of these pipes. They are as rare as hens teeth!! You can find a digital copy of the 69′ catalog here. archives jampot dk general Dunstall Catalogue1969 pdf