Clean Sky Blue Machine: 1975 Suzuki T500 Titan

I know I post heavy on the pre-1980 Japanese bikes but there were so many awesome machines made during that era. I’m also in a two stroke phase too. This bike isn’t going to be as crazy as a H1 or H2, or even as collectable as a RD400 special. It is a very beautifully designed, two cylinder, oil burning example of my favorite era. When a Titan comes up for sale I usually skip it but this bike is so CLEAN. It’s so clean I would ask if it’s been restored. The seller doesn’t mention if it’s original paint.

1975 Suzuki T500 Titan for sale on eBay Motors

Here’s his short description.

This is a very nice and original Suzuki T500M with just under 5700 miles.  The paint is flawless and the inside of the tank is very clean.  There are no dings/dents/scratches on the tank or side covers. The chrome is very nice as are the engine cases, pipes and the seat.  It has a fresh carburetor cleaning with new float needle and seat, new rubber manifold between the air-box and carbs, fresh transmission oil and good tires.

This bike starts, runs, stops and idles perfectly.  It has no crankshaft seal or gearbox issues.  The horn and all of the lights and signals work.  It has a clear title in my name.  Please e-mail if you have any specific question.  Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer but I can transport within 300 miles of 14472 for a reasonable fee.

In my opinion this bike would be perfect for the enthusiast with out a garage or knowledge of wrenching. A great collectable bike with no issues that needs nothing according to the seller. I would gladly ride this to bike nights or vintage get togethers.


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  1. andy says:

    Good Afternoon ? Please I will like to confirm if your bike is still available for sale, if you have not sold it, I am interested in buying it. Kindly let me know how good the engine and the body is presently. now how much are you selling it as your last price?. I will like to also know are you the rightfully owner of it? and do you have all the certified paperwork,kindly get back to me as soon as possible today. Best regards,