Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica

Traditionally motorcycles have been given numbers as names, like Triumph’s T100,or BMW’s R69S.  Later they were given names to celebrate accomplishments or victory like land speed racing at Bonneville, or race circuits like Thruxton. As the riders became the stars, factories started to sell the public replica bikes of their favorite riders.

One of the best known Rider Replicas is the 1979-1985 MHR by Ducati. It was a celebration of Mike “The Bike” Hailwood and his return to motorcycle racing. Before retiring in 1968, Mike had won 9 World Championships, 76 Grand Prix and 14 Isle of Man Tourist Trophies. He had been awarded the British Empire Medal and The George Medal for bravery when pulling a fellow competitor out of a burning vehicle. But he was not given the honor of the replica for his resume; he was immortalized for returning after 11 years off the bike and winning at the Isle of Man.

The bike known as the MHR has an . 40mm Dellorto PHM feed air and fuel in to 864cc by way of 86mm x 74.4 mm bore/stroke, 9.5:1 CR gives 80hp at 7500rpm turning the Desmodromic valve. 5 speeds gives a top speed of 133.5 mph with a ¼ mile time of 12.5 sec at 109mph. The fairing covers an open skeletal frame which used the engine as a stress member.

Bonham’s has one going across their auction block on April 24th in Stafford England.

From the catalogue

This early example has covered 75,568 miles from new. Described by the vendor as in generally excellent original condition and said to run well, the machine is offered with Swansea V5.


There is another one is advertised for sale in Stowmarket, offers a few more pictures, and a few more words

A lovely example of this early MHR, 21300 miles with one owner for the last 26 years, stainless steel Conti’s, just been through our workshop and had new tyres, battery, carb rebuilds balance, oil filter and it will be sold with a years MOT so all ready to go for a hot summers riding. (we live in hope)


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2 Responses

  1. Djani says:

    Lovely bikes these early MHRs. These would originally have worn Campagnolo wheels, instead of the FPS wheels shown, but they are still much better looking and performing models than the later versions. Both these look like the “Mark II” version, made in late 79 and early 80, and are probably the best version of all. The earlier UK certificate bikes have rather crude body work and Speedline wheels and the later versions, especially the electric start 900 and 1000, are “too nice”. The major hassle, and believe me it’s major, is that one piece fairing. You have to live with one to fully understand…….

  2. Mike says:

    Ugh… one piece fairings. So beautiful, so sleek, so sexy. So nerve wracking to remove….