Foreign Story: 1972 Harley-Davidson 350 Sprint

For Sale: 1972 Harley-Davidson 350 Sprint

In the early 1960s, the Harley Davidson Motor Company was branching out. Although best known for their big twins, H-D realized that not everybody embraced the “big iron” concept of motorcycling. Foreign competitors such as Honda were winning the new customer war by making motorcycles less intimidating and more approachable. Small bikes were in, and H-D had no expertise with small bikes. Italian firm Aermacchi had tons of small bike and scooter experience, and a deal was struck to market these smaller machines under the H-D banner in the US. In that deal, H-D purchased 50% of the Aermacchi company. In time, they would purchase the company outright.

The Sprint models – despite the appearance – were based on the Aermacchi four-stroke singles, where the cylinder jutted out at a nearly horizontal angle. The rockers were hidden behind a cover that made the bike look simple, like a two-stroke. Together with the reduced noise and improved fuel economy, the Sprint was an easily approachable motorcycle in a small package that would appeal to younger and new buyers.

From the seller:
1972 SPRINT IN GREAT CONDITION, has been in storage quite a while. needs points, carb cleaned, tires, the usual. very strong compression, seems to shift well.this bike has great possibilities. lost title but i will provide bill of sale and any other assistance. SET OF LIKE NEW TIRES INCLUDED IN PURCHASE SEE PICS !

The good:
seat not ripped or damaged
paint is very good (wrong decals 1971)
chrome wheels not rusty
strong compression
bike is complete with no broken cables

The Bad
needs points
aftermarket mufflers (but really good shape)
no battery
carb dirty needs original air cleaner put back on (included)

guy’s i have restored alot of bikes, this is a great start as many parts can be polished or touched up and left as is.

This bike is certainly not restored, and some work will be required. However it seems to be a fine canvas with which to paint the history of The Motor Company. Besides, there are some great resources such as the Harley Davidson Sprint Forums to help you get the information you need. Starting smaller with a restoration is usually less expensive and easier than going big, and there was much more to the history of Harley Davidson than just big twins. Somebody needs to tell that story, and here is a bike ready to do so!

For more information – or to contact the seller for details – click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


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