Freddie Spencer’s GP bikes for sale!!


Here at Classic Sport Bikes For Sale, we search the world for unique, rare, exotic or just plain cool classic sport bikes (25yrs and older) for your viewing pleasure.

Here we have ALL of the above!

Gran Prix bikes with real racing heritage usually end up in factory museums, large private museums, or gifted to the riders themselves for a job well done.

Championship winning GP bikes are in a league all of their own

Freddie Spencer was a racer from Shreveport, Louisiana who became the youngest ever Gran Prix world champion at the age of 21.

It must be mentioned that all his winning 2 stroke bikes (all the way back to the ’78 AMA 250 GP class) were tuned by Erv Kanemoto a fellow American (California) .  Erv also tuned for Barry Sheene (when Freddie was racing AMA superbike),  then with his own team (with backing from Rothmans and Honda) for Eddie Lawson winning the 500GP championship in ’89.

“The way Erv approached racing so professionally and with such dedication, I think it really built a solid team atmosphere,” Spencer said. “He was tireless in making sure everything was perfect for me when I went on the track.”

Mr Spencer is the only rider, to capture the 500GP and 250GP world championships in the same year (1985).

The bikes for sale are the 1983 Championship NS500 and his championship winning 1985 NSR250.



Born in '64 outside of Belfast, became a Canadian when I was 12. First bike Kawasaki KM100. First street bike '77 CB400F. Owned about 25 bikes over the last 25 years, mostly Japanese. Currently 8 bikes in the garage covering the last 4 decades. Currently riding a newly restored '82 Yamaha RD350LC (in '81 white colours).

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3 Responses

  1. Greg downey says:

    Hi not sure if freddie is Reading this imself ,but I watched you race and a big fan , that’s at luguna seca . So anyway can I get a price on each bike . I guess you want to sell together,sorry your selling them,they belong with you Mr Spencer

  2. A Stamsnijder says:

    Hello, can you tell me the price ? for the 250 ore the 500 ore together ?

    best reg.

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